Saturday, October 16, 2010

Buttermilk Skies July 2007

The sky is overcast...the threat of rain each day for a week,.  We got some much needed rain until yesterday when our area was not one in the State that received any.  But the requisite buttermilk (i.e. cloudy) skies are there...casting a softness outside instead of the eggs sunnyside up look. Smile
I wore my new mauvey pink linen top yesterday that I had bought on sale the day before and my new white linen trousers with pretty white sandals.  Today, stone colored linen trousers, another new linen top and serviceable black SAS shoes again.  Those guys make standing more bearable.

Saturday is the looooong day.  And no red beans and rice when I get home, served with a trumpet serenade!  No use in coming home then!  I may as well show up at your house..hope you have a spare paper plate. I'll eat anything long as it's on the plate and not fish.  (Ewwww)

Mark, the guy who is training me told me about the features on my car that I like so much  are called " Ground effects".  I never knew there was a name for those! The cool 'tucked in' look midway on both sides under the door panels of the car, as well as around the bumpers both ends.  Maybe *I* could get those installed along with the spoiler for myself and attract more suitors!  Yeah!  that's the ticket!~  More dinners!  Maybe even a lunch!!! (see day before yesterday's blog)

Did you see that story about Oscar the nursing home cat?  He comes to the bedside of patients..will snuggle on their bed, about two hours before they pass away.  He knows when the patients are going to pass.  I hope I have such a furry comforter. 
That was such a good factual story.  Since we certainly cannot communicate with animals..we have no way of knowing what their special talents are because we are always too concerned with ourselves and what is happening with us to take the time to really notice and pay attention fully to our fur family member(s).  We just rely on their companionship.  We love them of course.  But who knows what might open up to us if we paid better attention more times than we do.

Time is wasting..I need to get a move on and do my face.  Hope it doesn't rain before I can get into the store.  Oh, and I saw a diamond bracelet, 18k gold, 2.25 carats of little diamonds for $3800.00.  I am going to mention that to the customer who bought the necklace and earrings.  It would match well as it is in the deco style.  I adore the art deco period of style in anything.

 I don't have time for the treadmill (to stop sweating etc in time for work) so I will do my weights instead.  I needed to have monitored my time better this morning.Clock

I have been around to see half of you..I will see the other half on my return this evening.  Till then, peace and love.  Red heart

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