Saturday, October 2, 2010


I am trying very hard to resist turning on the heat.  My heat is natural gas and it isn't exactly cheap.  So in Winter I am never quite as warm as I would like.  I have electric for the central air conditioning but with the Tennessee Valley Authority, TVA, constantly raising rates to keep up with the cost of their horrible ash spill a year or so ago..making the rate payers pay the millions cost, I can't keep as cool as I like either.  I know I am not alone in this. 

Meanwhile, it is 66 in my room, 69 here in the computer room and 68 in the living room.  Mother's cactus (a succulent -I just call it  Mother's cactus) is in here with me in the computer room and P-U!  Those 6 blooms...P-U!!!

  I brought in what I have left of transportable plants..only 3 now, a jade, a Christmas cactus and Mother's cactus.  They will stay in here on the table till the end of April when it's finally warm enough to put them back out.  Speaking of April, my last little girl hummingbird left.  She was guarding the feeder by staying on it constantly until yesterday late morning..last time I saw her.  I will keep fresh nectar in it for travelers from up North for another 2 weeks.

I will be around again to see who has blogged.  ♥


  1. It's too cold outside to paint for a couple days so now is the time to bake. Christmas coolies are on my mind but maybe too early. I think everyone is feeling the energy costs. A woodburner sounds great to me. Have a nice weekend snuggled in ah blanket with longjohns and fat socks ;-)

  2. Oops...I meant cookies NOT coolies lol

  3. I left the feeders hang for the bees. I figured it's better than just dumping it. It's been about 3 weeks since the last little hummer was here. Oh and if there's a reason you haven't been visiting my blog, I'd love to know why. Hope things warm up for you again.

  4. I biggefied the photo and it is breathtaking. I love scenery pictures.
    It is cold here too and I keep my thermostat settings as you do, chilly in the cold weather and barely torerable in the heat.
    It is sad to see the hummingbirds leave for the winter, but they will be back.

  5. It is in here all the water & the gas& Electricity EVERYTHINGS cost more.
    especially the water that we hardly used because
    the water restrictions it doesn't make sense?
    It sound everywhere is same...
    The picture is nice the calm water is very peaceful to looking at them ...

  6. We are going to use the two infrared heaters that we got last winter in the house and try to keep the Gas heat down. It worked last year and I saved nearly 100 dollars a month. They have a timer and a thermostat on them so they are saving us a lot. Stay Warm : )

  7. Between the environmentalists and the politicians.... don't know which costs us more? It is sad when we have to make those kind of decisions.
    Take care of the plants and have a warm winter.

  8. Got a "little nippy" down at the cabin last night, so I fired up the woodstove and had the place nice and cozy in no time flat.
    When I got up this morning, the cabin was still comfortable, but, it was 39 degrees outside.
    I had a cup of coffee, then grabbed the camera and drove around the farm snapping pics.

  9. I always liked catci as they were the only plants I could keep alive.

  10. I know what you mean about the weather. After being in the 80's a couple of days ago we are now in the 50's. I have gas heat as well (at least I didn't say I had gas) and am not looking forward to the winter bills.
    Love the shot of the river. I too like to go for those reflective shots. They work best in the fall.
    Stay warm!