Friday, October 15, 2010

Cats and Dogs and a P.S. June 2007

It had not been more than five minutes after I had posted that blog yesterday morning when one of my sons called. I told him that the trash had been turned over again, that the bungee cord was STILL attached and the lid STILL on, BUT, the trash was out, picked out as a matter of fact, and strewn on the ground. He said , "Raccoon". I just never thought of that and I should have. What with living with a woods behind me and blogging about all the wildlife including those, you would think I would have a clue. So, you guys read the blog and knew right away it was likely raccoons.

Unfortunately, I don't have a garage. Wish I did. I don't have a shed or storage device either. It's the cat food cans and paper plates I serve it to her on that attract them, as I do almost no cooking. I have a lot of frozen entrees and soups as my meals. I might also mention that I do not have a garbage disposal. If I did, it would make disposal of her leftovers easier. I would have had a garbage disposal, as I had the kitchen remodeled three years ago. But the remodelers had 4 days in which to do the entire kitchen job from top to bottom, floor included... and the plumber didn't make it when he had to make it during the I made the decision to say "no" as we could not wait yet another day since I had to return to work on midnights within two days of that surprise non-appearance.

So, I am left with probably the better thing environmentally...but a pain in the neck..serving her in a glass dish and washing it. And scraping the leftovers into a screw top jar for disposal into a plastic bag on trash day. PAIN IN THE NECK! Me and a girl friend are still going to: The Big City on Wednesday looking for a better trash can ensemble!

Meanwhile I have a very real problem. I have already alluded to it. I was shopping for a pair of white slacks (on sale) and a multi print linen shirt (sale!!) yesterday and as I left my vehicle to walk into the store my back felt like I (or at least my back) had been run over by the proverbial truck we always hear about. It had been that way all day at work on Saturday, all day Sunday, and when I got out of the car...OUCH..and all the rest of the day till I got into bed at night. And right now. It always hurts, yes, but not on this level. This level is for when I am out there doing yard work I can't hire done. It's being on my feet and running thither and yon all day that's doing it. I'll have to see how this works out.

It was in the 90's yesterday and will be so again today. Yesterday was full, today will be as will the next several days and then the work week begins.

Let the day begin...treadmill is awaiting me (doesn't bother my back strangely..not too much).

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  1. I had to get rid of my treadmill for lack of space before moving here.