Thursday, October 14, 2010

Change Up May 2007

When I went to the Salon yesterday, I made a snap decision to have a somewhat different style. My hair is usually straight, or curved rather, down to my shoulder blades. And bangs. It just grew long from a bob. So it's still bob style only long. In any case, I decided I wanted what I suppose are called ringlets. No, not THOSE!! No Shirley Temple stuff for me, thankyewverymuch!! Just as though one had pincurls and then, pulled them out and broke them up. Make any sense? Probably not. My hair is so long its weight dragged down the spirals after she hot ironed them in and it looked great. My stylist knew what I was trying to attain and she did a super job. So I left with long glinting curls. Today they are waves. This afternoon they will be a sweaty mess as I have to exercise then. Can't do it now as there is not sufficient time before I leave for a luncheon. Then company later. Have to fit in some time for exercise sometime today however. I have to. I'm keeping a couple of bloggers fit also by doing it for them as well. They know who they are!!

I am still not eating much. Still haven't touched a cup of coffee since Thursday last week. I may never 'coffee' again really. Why bother. And this is a years long habit too. I am deliberately not eating much so as to lose some of this weight I gained by quitting smoking a year ago. While I have the impetus after having been so sick, I may as well keep the ball rolling as long as I can by not eating so much. I finally had some tuna yesterday which was a departure from the cracker and soup thing I was doing. I feel good though. And goodness knows I have plenty of "fuel" ( read: FAT) to burn without stocking up on more. I'm trying. We will see. I just hate that "punishment" of gained weight for quitting smoking.

It was very close to 90 yesterday and the day before. I had to turn on the air for an hour or so each day. I'm trying not to get so dependent on it so I'm not turning it on as much or for as long. That will change when it is full summer. There is no comfortable sleeping at night without the air conditioning.

We lived in central Florida for quite some time after first getting married and we were too poor for air conditioners, so we just learned to live without them. You do get used to as it is. We were so used to heat that when we went to stay with my dad on a visit during the Winter, I yanked up his thermostat to 88. When he got home that night, he noticed, believe me!!! I never thought a thing about it when I did it. Just we were freezing to death at his 70 he had it set at. No, 70 isn't freezing but when you are used to waaaaay higher, and consistently waaaaay higher, it was chilly to us on that Winter day.

OK. What to wear? I want to dazzle as always, so some consideration has to go into the clothes of the day!! Navy blue tank with lace? What else? OK. I have my sterling silver on instead of gold..guess we'd better head for the clothes mean closet!

I've been to see you all..hope you return the visit.

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