Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chill and then Serve 4/07

It was 35 degrees outside when I woke this morning with no help from my usual helpful 4 footed friend. Why did I wake without the usual help from my 4 footed friend? Because it was 53 degrees in the house. The heat failed to come on last night before bed and I resolved to call the heat and air people right away this morning. I checked everything last night. Was it on? Check. Was it set on "heat"? Check. Was it cool enough to even come on? Check. What happened when I heard the sound of action out there? Cold air. OK. Off to bed. This morning I gave it one last try and go figure..the heat came on. And on and on and on. I hate when that happens as the cost of natural gas is high in this area and I sure used a lot trying to heat my home. I blogged of that cost of natural gas a few weeks ago.

I am warm now as I did my treadmill duty and tossed around the weights. By the way, I guess this is a pitiful admission but I love to feel the stretch of the triceps area when I do the triceps exercise behind my head. I actually look forward to it! That, my triceps, was something else I showed off to the doctor the other day when I went and told him I thought I could take him! At least, he laughed. (bet I could!! [not!]) I finally noticed, due to a more fitted tee shirt this morning (no tank top thanks) that there is definite definition in my shoulder area now. I just had not paid attention till the tee shirt drew more attention to it. Of course it is natural that there is definition there. Heaven knows after 6 and a half months steady, 7 days a week lifting weights albeit light weights, something has to happen! I also noticed that the lower belly lost fat first (and that's about it!!!) where usually that's the last place a woman loses. It's all that treadmilling. I finally noticed that yesterday when I wore a short top that showed my jean's zipper. Flatter tummy. At the bottom. Seriously though, there had to be some improvements after all this time and there are. Not a lot more boring than nattering on about exercise. Sorry. I'll quit.

Today is the day of the tortilla thingy. I will be headed out to The Big City here shortly and me and the oldest son will be headed back home here for a couple days. If he's here long enough, it'll be the chicken do-hickey's tomorrow.

OK. Off to do the face and hair thing. Get out of my shorts and into something warm and then..I get to see my oldest!!! Can't get any better than that.

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