Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Clouds 10/07

It is certainly overcast out there but we are getting nothing for it.  No rain.  The clouds are streaming both from the WNW and the SW.  But not productive.

*I* am trying to be productive though.  I have the house cleaned up... an important call made without the info I hoped for.  It will be coming in the mail.  Have other things done that were on the list and I am waiting for the opportunity  to finally get outside!  Too much to do in here so far.  I need to call the Vet as well as a friend has agreed to come over on the appointed day and help me get this little one into her carrier.  It ain't easy.

I tuned in ten minutes late but I did get to see the majority of DWTS.  Now, GO FIGURE!  I would not have expected those who were kicked off, to be kicked off.  No..I said that wrong.  Yes I did.  BUT I expected Wa-y-ne Ne-w-ton to go.  (his fan club has been thru my space..why I did that)  not that other guy.  I haven't learned all the people's names yet.  Sorry. The only woman  contestant/dancer worth her salt is that blonde called Serena.  Now that girl can dance!!!!  She's the hip-hop Cheetah Girl.  The rest can eat her dust.  The guys...the race car driver (I wish I knew names..just haven't been able to watch as much due to not being here) and one other guy...Mark Cuban..excellent.  One of the blogging family said it was amazing what a fan base can do in regards to W. New-t-on.  I agree.  He should not have been there to start with.  It's too much for him.  Hopefully I will see the next show.  Anyone see Cavemen?  Was it good?  I had someone here and couldn't watch.

Gonna make a little lunch here in a minute.  Been around to see most of you.  Come on by...we'll sit and talk.Red heart

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