Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Confusion 3/07

here is too much confusion with my little joke about my cozy little house in one of the albums, so, I have deleted it. One would have to be familiar with the SIMS game to understand my accompanying description "welcome to my cozy little SIM home". And belatedly, I realized that not everyone knows the SIMS game. It, the SIM home I had in my album is just a house module plucked out of a game and I was only kidding and having fun and presupposing everyone knew what it was. Believe me, I live in a humble home. I wish I had a home like that cartoon house.

Meanwhile I have eliminated the Friends module. Many complaints that my page takes too long to load. I never could understand why it took so long for them as I have no music, very few pictures, no gadgets but one, if even it is still here..nothing to slow things down. However one of the family said that when Friends was given to us by MSN, that is when the trouble started with page loading. Too, I have had a hard time getting some of the Friends pages to load at all. When I attempted to go to some blogs, it said there was no such thing. That could not have been my error as the module does its own work without us doing anything to create or put it there. So, as one of the blogging family stated this morning, there must have been something wrong with my particular Friends module. And to cure that, I have put in links instead to all of you.

By the way, I just followed a list of URL's and did not put the links I installed into my page in any particular order. Proof of the pudding is, my son is dead last in the list!! That wasn't intentional at all..I simply was reading URL's off a sheet of paper and inputting them. He happened to have been the last on the sheet.

The cat caught a little brown field mouse who got in here some how. As she never had hunting lessons from her mother she really didn't know what to do with it when she caught it. It was just a great game to her. She paraded it around, dropped it and it would scamper somewhere else while I hovered with a heavy bath towel..hoping to drop it on the somewhat dazed mouse and transport it outside. That didn't happen. So it is still somewhere at large. I have to be careful with trap placement if I were to do that, as it might hurt the cat. So...the mystery as to where the little mouse is, continues.

It is another gorgeous day and we are 6 inches and more under, in rain for the year so far. But while it is pretty I will head on out soon as I get my face on and my hair done. I just finished my workout.

Have a fabulous day. I know I will. and I want to share it with you all.

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