Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Critique August 2007

After all that hullabaloo about that restaurant that I blogged about several days ago..that's where we went last evening.  Talk about a crashing disappointment. Since the place was jammed last night every other towns person read it too and was willing to try it out.

We went in...and it was, as they say around here, rough as a cob in appearance.  That's OK though.  They are just started out a month ago so who has money to make all the things that go into ambiance?  So, no problem there..just a surprise. 

The tables that weren't occupied were not cleaned off.  Dirty dishes and foodstuffs left.  But I found a cleaner looking table and sat there while waiting on my dinner partner.

Dirty and spotted paper menu and a diet Pepsi later, my dinner partner joined me.  I ordered the county fried steak with gravy, the mashed potato and garden peas.  The other order across the table from me was for salmon patties, fried okra and macaroni and cheese.  The man came back and said they were out of potato salad was ordered.  Why am I telling you this? 

Well, first, the man who took the order wore a sleeveless tank top.  I personally am not appetite-enabled by seeing wafting-in-the-hot-air  underarm hair.  No sleeved shirt, no hat and no net.  But..we were starved.  Here comes someones order..a lady who has a breathing problem (no kidding here) brought out 2 plates..thumbs firmly embedded into the inner rims, (and presumably the food)  and she was blowing her breath out onto the food in great gusts.  Like she had just run a mile without stopping.  Half an hour later, two plates come out to a table who said it wasn't theirs and I could see it was ours.  I said " That's ours." to no avail.  It continued on its way to the kitchen.  5 or so minutes later it reappeared and was brought to our table. 

There was a palm of your hand sized hunk of breaded meat with maybe 2 teaspoons of congealed gravy on it.  Two thirds, easily, a can of peas, not garden as they and the newspaper implied.  There was a small amount of mashed potatoes.  My dining partner and I dug in.  Not even lukewarm.  That's a health hazard. 

The fried okra on the other plate was so hard (no kidding here in any bit of this blog) that the okra, upon trying to put the fork thru it to eat, shot off the plate!  It's a wonder it didn't ricochet off the walls.

The salmon tasted strong and had distinct heavy onion flavor besides was lukewarm.  The okra was hard and inedible.  The potato salad was warm.  No, it wasn't supposed to be. 

Small servings, that's not the end of the world..probably the better thing but lukewarm and not tasty at all..a rip off.  My dining friend went home and wrote a scathing letter to the editor whose columnist perpetrated this upon the unknowing public by writing such a glowing column.  Yes, I know she got the royal treatment.  It wasn't her fault per se. However, she will be the recipient of a "Now you know better!" letter from my dining companion.  The health department really needs to look into that place.  You can get sick on food that is left to grow cold and then re-heated like that.  We didn't really eat.  We left it on the plate.

Just checking in and thought I would tell you that it turned out not so good.  :-)  Red heart
P.S.  Guess what?  I had all that long long hair cut and I am in a bob now. 

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