Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cuppa Joe May, 2007

After weeks of absence I am finally going to have a cup of coffee. My youngest gave me a primo coffee making machine last Christmas. One of the pricey ones that use pre-done pods of coffee and make a single cup, two at the most. It is making now and I have graham crackers to go with the coffee!! I did the exercise thing after several days absence due to troubles and the grahams are my reward.  :-)

That brings me to something. Someone brought up in their blog the matter of some people in your acquaintance seemingly not having trouble in their lives..not ever. As though there is a bubble around them. Then she said that wasn't really a good assumption. She acknowledged that some folks do not share their problems, at least not the bigger league ones. That they are more private. Comes down to different personalities I guess. I am one of the private ones..why you don't see anything other than the general usually in my blog. I may tell friends..maybe...if something is amiss but I am very used to handling things all by myself. I rarely ask for help. If I can't do doesn't get done. Or the situation will last till someone steps up and says "Have you thought about doing_____? Now that was a departure for me telling you that!. It all boils down to people are just all different and whatever is right for you...that's right in your particular circumstances. One of those you're neither right nor wrong. It's just you. She wrote a good one today for sure.  The blog is called Love of God and it is in my links to the left.

Now...about Dancing With the Stars. My opinion...The only 2 that should remain standing at all are Apolo Ohno and his partner and Joey Fatone and his partner. The other two couples put their all into it but they simply cannot come up to the standard set by the two celebrities I mentioned..and that not coming up to the same standard includes Leila Ali. I admire her prowess, as she is a boxer by profession. A huge departure for her. It is incredible to watch her fluidity and grace and competence but....Apollo. Hands down.

I came down the hall this morning to the TV in there blaring. It turned itself on. Must be somehow it came in sleep mode. There is one glaring thing the matter however. There are no instructs in the owners manual AT ALL about ANY of the functions except parental control. It'll be fun, blundering around trying to make the thing do what I need it to do,. It turned itself off in the middle of the news too. (who can blame it??)

Coffee is good. Been a while. Hope to see you soon..I have been around to visit about half by now.

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  1. I got a chuckle about the TV turning itself on. Sometime ago, I blogged about my new fangled TV doing an update, don't why or how. I just happened to be in the L-Room and saw this. I have started turning the remote upside down, just in case Kassey jumps on it when I'm in bed or gone.