Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dag Nabbit 10/07

What I should have added yesterday to that blog was, I will wager that the neighbors have a "will she or won't she" pool going.  Why is that, you ask?  Well, due to my propensity of trying to carry each and every single bag into the house so as not to have to go back out to the vehicle once I open the house door and so in..I cannot hold onto my house/car keys worth a dime! 

Try as I may to carry as many as 6 grocery bags in one hand, balance my pocketbook's strap on my shoulder so the whole thing won't go racing down the length of my arm to fall gracelessly to my wrist and dangle there heavily and annoyingly....the sad truth is..I cannot.  Hence..I constantly and continuously drop my keys from seeming lifeless fingers as I try to open the screen door so as to insert said keys into the door lock.  No can do.   They flutter with un-caring abandon to the concrete porch..a heap of keys which I know snicker at me.

I bend over for the thousandth time to pick them up and fumble with the key and lock while neighbors all around I feel sure, are calling one another saying " No one won! She dropped 'em again!".

I came back this afternoon however with 6 bags of groceries and was spared the fiasco this time as there were two packages on my front porch.  So I went to have a look at those and then came back, UNLOCKED the DOOR!!! and then, brought in the groceries.  What do you know???  I did not drop the keys!  Did I learn?  No.  I'll do it again..but someone in the neighborhood no doubt won a dollar.  (I am kidding by the way, about a neighborhood bet.  I hope)

What was in the boxes?  I ordered some new slip covers (have to have them..the cat, you know) and found after trying the chair cover first, since it is the easiest to re-pack if needed, that the color is garish.  A 'Lady of the Evening' fuschia/burgandy color with supposed to be damask pattern.   One would not have known that from the catalogue.  (Pe-nn-e-ys.) so they have to go back.  Besides, I did try the fit on the chair and it didn't fit. I will have to pay for these to go back as they were shopped from the manufacturer.  No dropping them off at the Store any more. Rats.

There was a face-off at the full length glass storm door a while ago.  Miss Catt started growling loudly, hissing more loudly and screeched a few times.  I looked around the corner and she was telling a yellow tom what she thought of him!  She won!!! I am glad she's on my side!!! Whatta girl!

Ever have one of those days when you actually know you look good?  I did ('scuse me for saying so) and my validation was a decent amount of male admiration in the several stores.  Always nice.  Good hair day for one thing and that always makes a person feel like at least a hundred dollars.  Maybe even a million dollars! 

Well, I complimented myself there!  Tongue out  Bear with it..I rarely do. 

Have a great good day!Red heart

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  1. Fancy that I am the first one here this time, Yay for me..As for the key problem that little plastic expandable wristlet helps tons.. I know it looks geeky but it sure does work. Ever try to put groceries, your purse and maneuver a wheelchair up into a locked house? Enough said!
    Have a nice Halloween!