Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dang Aug. 2007

Had to go to work today...and while there a customer had come in to have what turned out to be about $300.00 worth of work done to her wedding set.  It was extremely thin in the shank part of the ring.  The prongs, 28 total were badly in need of re-doing..just several things.  As happens many times while I am doing things thing for the customers, such as taking the jewelry and measuring, etc etc etc while writing it up for the work order...she noticed my ring on my left hand.  She asked about it and admired it.'s the cheapest thing I own.  A little estate looking piece..square in shape with a tiny genuine champagne diamond in the center..maybe 20 points worth, and tiny sparks of white diamonds surrounding that and going down both sides of the ring's shank. 

It is the least expensive thing I own..I bought it on impulse at Penney's no less a place and paid about $300.00 for it.  Just a wee ring really.  She actually asked me how much I paid for it.  Eye-rolling.  I told her and let her try it on.

Meanwhile the person with whom I work was showing her something in the showcases..and turns out she was asking him if she could buy a ring like mine.  He said I had not bought that ring there (where I work) and If I could have ethically done so I would have been happy to sell her the thing.  I am tired of it anyway.  But I had to be silent.  My employer has a high end jewelry store and would never ever have what he would see as almost costume jewelry in his store. 

I usually wear high end things to work.  My one diamond ring I always wear.  But I try to keep up appearances (remind you of a TV title???) by wearing my better pieces on my other hand. 

Mid 90's today and according to AccuWeather...a feels like of 104.  We're talkin' major humidity.

I am about to log off and go set a spell in the living room.  I want to read a bit and go to bed after an hour and a half.  Hope you all had a good day.  I'll be on your front porch in the morning...long about 0700.Sun

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