Monday, October 25, 2010

The Day After Sept 2007

I'm like any kid.  I love birthdays and the more attention I can get of any kind (nice) the happier I am. 

The phone rang at 0745, than again at 0815 with birthday song singers!  Birthday cake and on-line and snail mail cards.  Just made my day..each and every one of them. That beautiful bouquet from a blog family member that I put up pictures of..a home made crafted birthday card from another dear blogging friend and one from my cat as well!  Arrived with the one from my blogger friend. What a coincidence!  :-)  Seems her dog Molly and my cat communicate via email and Molly caused the little card to be made.Smile  Thank you Cindy, so much.

One of my sons took me to a restaurant for a birthday dinner.  I wish he did not have to travel back to The Big City.  But work today so he didn't stay long. But I had a couple of hours of his company. Another son, the one in Charlotte called me so that was a pleasure.  I have some new music for my birthday and a little tripod to hold my camera so I can take shake-free close-ups!! I can't wait to get started. P.S.  A package just came from the son in N.C. and in it is a book referencing an old love of mine..astronomy.  In this case, it is about our Solar system.  It is new so it may have poor Pluto demoted to non planet (it will always be a planet to ME!) And from my grandson, a cat training system, believe it or not.  Complete with a clicker!!!

I have a dinner to go to tonight as well and one on Friday.  I will weigh 200 pounds if I'm not careful.

Just got back from having my hair done.  Zoweee!  That place is expensive.  I always knew that naturally but sometimes it just seems worse than usual.  Same as always..I don't know what made me cringe this time. 

I took an enchanting photo that my son gave me of a female Belted Kingfisher and had it matted and framed.  I got her back a weeks ago and while he was here last night, we found a good place to hang her picture on the wall.  She's in here where I can admire her.  Love that spike feather-do she has!!! 

I saw Monday night's DWTS and I have to say...Marie O. is too heavy to keep this up long.  And too old.  And Jane Sey-mour is way too old to keep it up throughout the competition once it heats up good.  They all look nice..but it takes great great stamima to keep this up.  Josie Mor-an's partner said she was "surprisingly unfit".  So, you can't GET fit in 8 weeks..she'll probably crash and burn.  Jenny Gar-th's partner Derek is GOOD lookin'!  WoW!   The little blonde Cheetah Girl was THE best of them all so far.  My opinion.  WOW! Wayne New-ton...he looks way too heavy to make it more than a week. 

So much for my little critique.  I was gone and then talking last night, so never got to see Tuesday night's round of male dancers.  Tonight I will.

See you in a while.Red heart

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