Friday, October 15, 2010

Despite Everything June 2007

Despite everything that's happened (that I haven't blogged about) it has been a physically peaceful day. So much so that after I got off the telephone at 1500, I closed my eyes on purpose, enjoying listening just to the sound of air movement from the ceiling fan above me, and of course enjoying the very gentle movement of air. So quiet. I allowed myself to almost doze for about fifteen minutes and then opened my eyes to get up and do other things. Sometimes it is hard to resist doing that simply can do it. That makes it all the sweeter.

I had to go right out this morning after getting dressed to get some business work accomplished. Today's was the last of things I had to get accomplished after the end of last week and I am happy to say that is done. While waiting on my turn at a place of business I made to acquaintance of whomever he was in the waiting area, who was also waiting on someone to help him with his particular problem (which, coincidentally was the same as mine). Turned out he is a Forensic Insurance Investigator. The amazing thing we both discovered is that we have both have lived in the same States during the same times roughly. I almost hated to have my number called, as I was enjoying the conversation so much. I know he was as well. This was also an opportunity for me to sharpen my verbal skills again before I return to the work world though I have not been out of practice very long. I enjoy people.

I hauled off and impulsively made salmon patties last night for supper. I have found THE best canned salmon put out for sale. THE best. The scent is milder..the taste is milder...and they are simply delicious. I pigged and ate two thick patties, with peas as a side last night. I had a thick patty for lunch today. Regardless of how good mild, (how expensive!) and how they are made, it never fails to give me the worst and only indigestion and heartburn I have ever had. Oh, I had heartburn last night. I didn't care. I just had Tums for the tummy. I had worse heartburn problem. Where's the Tums?? It's worth it. For any who may wonder what on earth I put in them..almost nothing. VERY plain. A lot of folks would not like my recipe. Simply the salmon, 2 eggs (binder) some unseasoned breadcrumbs, black pepper, stir..that's it. Fry in canola oil (and not much of that), until browned. But... salmon just eats its way back through my alimentary canal for some reason. It's worth it. I just try not to have it too too often. It's the meal that keeps on giving. I still have 2 patties left and I can't hardly wait for my heartburn to subside so I can eat those.

I have to admit that for some reason, it never occurred to me to try to have the clock repaired. I missed that idea is beyond me, but you guys helped me out with that. I will call around! Thanks. Obviously I was going to whine about it and not think what to do. I thought there was nothing to do,. And who knows..there may not be anyone around here BUT I will find out. I'm ahead of the game now.

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