Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dewy May 25, 2007

I am dewy! yes, that's the word...dewy. Just finished the fitness routine and trying to talk myself into an afternoon one too, every day. Laziness is all that is standing between accomplishing that and me. Again, since I quit smoking a year ago, this weight will not budge because I am eating instead of smoking. Oh, I don't look awful, no, but it's there and I know it. Still wearing my clothes just they are, um...snug!

Another dry and beautiful day. No one has called but then no one had at this point of the morning yesterday either till I started on my hair..then the phone lines blossomed. (cell and landline) but I feel today, they will not. I am going to be occupied getting ready for the kids and others will also be preparing for the holiday weekend.

Memorial day and the 4th of July are my favorite days aside from Christmas. I guess I just said, in other words "God and Country"!! Just hit me!!

I weeded some yesterday and today soon as I get outside I have to pull English ivy that is trying to get a start by my window, That stuff is destructive to dwellings. And in my opinion, not attractive at all. Then general garden chores..feed the roses and so on. Insecticide for them too. Poor guys, they are sitting ducks for everything that comes along. I am down to 3 bushes now. Had 5. Two never really came back this year and when they gave it a try, the man who mows for me ran over both. Couldn't even fuss at him as they were so tiny..just nubs..and I wasn't here to warn him. Nor did I mark the place.

I made brownies yesterday...have the ingredients for meatloaf as that is what my grandson loves so much. He will eat a third of it at first his stomach and come back for more later. He is rather thin looking sorta kinda. So, I love to see him eat up!

I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial day weekend. If you have family near, celebrate the day with them. If you don't...go out and do something fun!!! And tell me what you did and where you went! Inquiring minds you know...

(MY Roanoke VA. Mill Mountain Star)

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