Sunday, October 3, 2010

Did it Myself! 2/07

Up bright and early. 0450. Feels like not too long ago times! But I have a full day ahead and looking forward to it. This gives me a chance to be leisurely for a while first.

The reason I said in the title that I did it myself is, I am not patient about computer related things. I was dragged kicking and screaming into anything computer related. I learned whatever I have learned the hard way... at work because I had to. Not because I wanted to. Ask my management what my facial expression was whenever they forced me to attend another of those classes related to software. But, I had to go and I had to learn. But that was just enough to get me by. I usually coped by being charming, smiling and dimpling and asking whomever if they would mind awfully doing whatever it was, and I would do something they detested. Anything to get out of it. Since I didn't do administrative things or have a job that entailed doing administrative things, I got by alright. They just wanted everyone to go and I was...gasp! of everyone. So I had to go as well. However, my point, which is getting increasingly lost here is that the hardware aspect of a computer is foreign to me. If I had a step by step written very plainly, maybe I could get from point A to point B. But they don't make those as there aren't that many folks out there who are as phobic as I am about computer hardware.

Which finally brings me to my point. Yesterday, though I would have liked to have waited for a son to come by, I did something myself!

The 7 port USB hub that I bought about three months ago from a place that starts with an S, slowly lost its capacity..port by port. I found that out unpleasantly, by virtue of the fact that the printer wasn't working..dead port on the hub, the extended keypad wasn't working..same thing. My iPod needed charging...wouldn't work...dead port...just thing after thing including my Palm Pilot couldn't be updated and hot synced...another dead port. Hey. The usual house had to fall on me and it had to get really inconvenient for me to do something about it but..with one son's recommendations, I ordered two little hubs that had excellent reviews. They arrived amazingly quickly. I went to buy 2 extension cords made especially for use at a power strip so I could get everything plugged in. (those AC adapters sure take up a lot of room..but no more).

I untangled all the wires..traced what belonged to what...and it took a little doing too. And got my little guys all plugged into the power surge protector strip...and all the stuff that wasn't working due to a dead hub plugged into the new hub and voila! I felt like I had accomplished something really important. For me, in a way, I did because I did it myself. I detest anything to do with computer hardware. Always afraid I'll blow the whole shebang up! What is simple for most is an ordeal (in my head!) for me. I hereby place a gold star on my forehead!!! 

Still doing my fitness routine and I was telling several yesterday that I have the good beginnings of a pretty decent female-type biceps and working on the triceps as well.

I have been around to see most of you. More later on when I am done with the day.

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