Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Did you ever wonder why? 3/07

My slightly An-dy Rooney moment.

I was up on the treadmill a while ago and of course I was listening to good hard rock. One of the CD's on the iPOD is Def Leppard. The CD has all their biggest hits and that's plenty. As I was rockin' along I noticed I sometimes increase speed and get a little more animated when I hear the cowbells. That got me to thinking about something I read not that long ago. I just wish I remembered the exact wording and certainly I wish I remembered the source. The statement I had read was, you know you are listening to really seriously GOOD rock when you hear the cowbells in the music with the beat! I was a little torqued about that when I first read it. I thought " You ol' so and so. You just don't know what's good!" But it's true. There is something about those cowbells. Naturally you don't hear anything remotely like Def Leppard (tho they are still around) music as it was back in the 80's. They symbolized a REALLY good rockin' time! You knew it was time to get down with it. Especially when you heard those cowbells! :-)

While up there I was also thinking about the awful thing that has happened in my town! GASP! While we were all sleeping...a terrible awful bad bad turn signal thief crept about all over town and removed all the turn signals from our cars!!!! I know they have..the newspaper just has yet to report on it, that's all! Sure they have stolen them. Otherwise, why is it that no one uses their turn signal to indicate they are turning! And in what direction!! Thank goodness my great and highly deductive mind has solved the mystery! I hope they catch that dastardly thief soon!

AND some gnarly dude followed up by installing bricks behind and under the gas pedals of said cars. Those bricks act like speed governors! You can only press the gas pedal down so far, don't you know? That has to be it! Else, why would they be going, like, 38 mph in a 50mph zone??? And who told them I was on my way out onto the roadways? Do they have radio control? " Car 1, here she comes. Get in front of her and slow down. And for goodness sakes man, DO NOT use your turn signal!"

Also, I had time to contemplate the ever lengthening mystery of how it is that-- if I wish to step outside to my side porch in my jammies or nighty to put the trash in the containers--a virtual parade of cars comes coasting by! They appear out of the ether. I know they do because I stand there with the door slightly opened...listening with all my little might, and hearing nothing, I cautiously step out and VOILA! CARS! All driving past and looking at ME!

Tiring of these conundrums, these sneaky and snarky happenings, these situations, I slipped stealthily into the computer room to disseminate!!

Peace, and long life.

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