Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ding Dong He's Gone 10/07

I watched D*W*T*S results last night.  I am so glad that Mark Cuban didn't get booted and Wayne stay.  He had to go, ol' Wayne.  By the way..I wish I had a forehead as unfurrowed as his.  Smooth as a piece of plastic. Nary a line to be seen.  The giveaway is the  plucked chicken skin on the neck and upper chest.  But..I'm not in show business so what do I know.

Serena and Helio remain to be the ones to beat.  My thoughts on it.  As Caroldee said yesterday in comments to me, Marie will hang around awhile.  She's fun, so we'll enjoy her performance. I hope they give Cheryl someone who can dance next time though.  She has really been getting the clunkers.  Jane...she's getting along in age and this will cause her problems starting from now on. 

There is something about Jenny's attitude that irks me.  Her blaming Derek when she fell and took him with her, was not pretty.  I remember him saying "Blame me.  I'm used to it." and smiling.  Of course I am totally smitten with him so anything he says is OK.  Tongue out

Speaking of attitude, everyone (except Jenny) seems to have a great attitude and the Judges are not as acerbic as they were last season when they whupped poor Julienne and Apolo every dance though they were clearly as good as a pair as any pro pair you can find out there dancing for a living. We will not have someone as good as Apolo as a contestant for a long time.  And the chemistry was blazing!

Someone is in here on the desk, front paws folded neatly under her chest hoping that I am going to have bacon and eggs.  Her watch is off.  I will have those for lunch!  I can't make that without having to arm wrestle her off the plate and 2 of 3!!! Man, NO one likes bacon and eggs better than she does!!!  She wrestles me for those and for cereal and milk.  I always have to stand in the middle of the floor in the living room to eat either meal because she circles me as though I am  a wagon train and she's the enemy.  It's awful.  You can't your food get within paws reach if you are having either of those two meals.  Anything else..she is very polite and merely supervises.

I am going to the KSO Saturday is an excellent Symphony Orchestra and in The Big City. Looking forward to that.  Natalie Cole will be there.  They are having a Pop concert this time.  I love Classical (and rock) but this will be a treat.

Going to get another cup of coffee...get into my shorts and you-know-what is in there waiting for me. 

Red heart

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