Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Diva 3/07

Well, the Diva went to the salon this morning and had her hair done. (that would be me, btw). Roots, don't you know? One must get those attended to.

We had a wonderful time out last evening, all of us. We wound up at an Italian restaurant in...The Big City! However Italian food is not my forte so I took an inordinate amount of time choosing. I told Cindy in an email this morning that once I chose the veal..I didn't look back. It was OK. Just not my thing and while I myself am saucy ( I AM a Diva after all) I don't care for sauces on my food. This dish had a lot of sauce. (well, I do as well, but in MY case, it is attitude ) (thinking of you, daddio)

Anyway, we had a loud good time. I did find however that my tolerance of cigarette smoke has gone up, well, in smoke. When I quit, nigh to a year ago now, I didn't mind in the least standing outside talking or taking a break with my fellow workers who are smokers. It didn't make me want to smoke again..the smoke didn't bother me. Time passed and smoke did start to bother me. I can even smell it in the slip stream from a vehicle in front of me if their window is cracked open a little. I HATE that. Even as a smoker I detested that.

Well, the friend whose new job we were celebrating smokes. As did most of the friends and family that were all gathered. The single good thing was, there was no smoking in the cars for the sake of the non-smokers. However, when we got to the restaurant, they did do the token ask around...should they ask for smoking or non? I know how addict*ive smoking is, so out of pity I never say "non smoking". So, we went to smoking and everyone of course, lit up. It wafted over my way literally choking me. All I could do was to try to keep the discomfort to myself. I did NOT want to be a wet blanket and ruin a festive occasion. But this gives me pause for the next occasion. I will have to speak up. The ventilation in the area where we were seated brought it straight to ME. I can't even say it is "pay back" for I never smoked when I was with someone who did not. I knew to a degree that it must be unpleasant. Maybe someone will do that for me one day.

There was a very bad thing happen two doors up from me yesterday. I will save that for another blog. Meanwhile, the Diva is temporarily home in case someone want to come by and see my glorious hair! If not, why heck, I will head out to the lake and show it to anyone who looks. My hair that is.

Glad to find several brussel sprout eaters out there! Rock on,. dudes!

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