Monday, October 25, 2010

The Diva 9/07

Oh Wow, I headed out to get some diet cokes and a lock for the basement door.  What I wound up doing instead was going to JC Pen-ney's.  They had sent me a 15$ off certificate for anything I bought over that amount in my birthday month.  This be I steered in that direction.  I see there are fall clothes out.  I don't know why that is always a surprise to me when they change seasons before the seasons change seasons.  But,  I digress.  I headed on to the women's clothes, head swiveling constantly on my neck, looking at all the offerings (while's hotter than a coal bucket on fire out there!)

I stopped at a rack of sweaters!  What can you do when you see some like this!?  They are in 4 colors.  $40.00 each (but I had my certificate).  Instead of my usual black (I just look good in black..what can I say?  My hair is complexion is pale) I tried on a soft gray sweater.  Oh.  There it was...cropped length...soft pearly gray, large dark gray (quarter size) buttons...a wide deep scooped neck and bell sleeves.  What the heck else can you do but BUY the thing???  I carried it around like I was undecided (HA!) and looked at other things too.  I almost got my some jeans like I need them..what with a good 45 pair already!) but I didn't.  I managed to come out of there with nothing else and guess what???  My bill with tax was $14.00 and change.  The certificate and...a sale!  I didn't even notice!!

I went over to Good-y's to see what they had and there was zip, zero, nada to tempt me.  I looked weakly toward Belk-s but decided against it.  All I need to do is add to my groaning closets.  So, I am only fourteen dollars and change lighter!  And I stopped off to get some new concealer.  When you find the right color!!!! and the right concealer, the things WORK!!  Who knew?  Not I.  May-bell-ine has some sort of color chart up where you can hold the transparencies against your wrist and see which one disappears.  I did that and VOILA!  I finally have the right color for ME!  Sometimes it takes a house to fall on me, I swear.  I just spent so many years hurrying trying to get things done with my horrendous schedule, I just never took the time to do it right. 

This is one of those girly blogs isn't it?  Sorry.  Red heart

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