Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dodging Tornadoes October 26, 2010

Well, there are tornadoes all around me..not a surprise, as the day has been record breakingly warm and muggy. The winds are 40 mph sustained and gusting more. Thunderstorms, lightening and hail. There was a tornado watch here but I didn't realize that there was a tornado warning to follow. No surprise there either as it was dark. However..nothing happened here where I am in the part of town with the tallest trees around that can be found. Whew!

I can't believe I forgot DWTS last night,. I watched it on line today but it wasn't a full episode. I didn't get to see Gray or that boy who is dancing with Lacey Schwimmer. I WILL be in place for the results tonight though.

I put those leaves in the picture in yesterday's blog because they're pretty. Even to me. :-) There's a change.

Well, it's almost 8 and I am going to take an early shower and put on PJ's. It's starting to thunder again and I want to be done before it all breaks loose all over again.


  1. We were glad to not have any major storm, even though it was windy a lot of the day with a tornado warning. Hope it'll be the same for you. We were quite warm until the rain started then it cooled down.

  2. I m happy to read your safe . Im too am headng to sleep early.. Im exhusted and I too want to post more of fall before it Christmas.. :) Hugs and many but had to check on you.xoxo

  3. The storms all passed through here. There was a power outage, trees downed and straight line winds of 70mph at a little town 20 miles from here. I am glad you are safe.

  4. WoW! NO you can't have that the stoms though all tall trees and Miyuki might get hurt too.
    I gues probably you are asleep by now ??
    I hope you have a good night asleep Sis & Miss Catt:-)
    see you tomorrow...

  5. Isn't this the wildest weather lately. Wind is still blowing at breakneck speed here but at least there's no storm warnings. They got snow up north where Cindy is but not here thank goodness.
    I'm not ready for the white stuff.

  6. YEP tornadoes here too but not near us thank God. The pressure from all this wind is just awful will be glad when it lets up..my head will be thankful!! Take care : )