Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dog and Cat Away 3/07

Good grief. This is the fourth morning on a row that an animal has gotten into the trash. In doing so, I have to say that the critter is more neat than some I have had doing the same activity. While the can is indeed turned over, only a few things are dragged out.

That was a very hungry animal. It had a stale peanut butter (only) sandwich and an entire pack of semi spoiled luncheon ham. I had the lids down as tightly as they will go. I will stop by the pet food supply place I go to and see if they have any spray to use on the trash receptacles to hopefully discourage foragers. I have a feeling it is a cat. I have looked out windows in the house at varied times and I have seen two cats sometimes walking in the woods. They aren't wild; I can tell. They are hungry and trying to find food by hunting. They simply are not cared for by the house they think of as home I would guess. I detest irresponsibility in humans as pet owners. If you have one, a pet, take care of it or find someone who will. And for pity sakes, spay or neuter your pet. Sometimes, about once a year, some Vet clinics and even the animal shelters will sponsor a spay/neuter day at little or no cost. I wish folks knew this or learned of it word-of-mouth. Thing usually is that those who know are already responsible pet owners.

It's heartbreaking to see a starving pet that people callously assume can forage on its own. I'd like them to have the same fate for awhile and see what it's like. This is rapidly becoming a rant.

I have finished my treadmilling and weights and I am readying myself to hit to roads. Nothing too earth shaking. I may drop off another of those little 3 inch movie reels to my youngest's home. He is seeing to their transition to a CD. This one I just found is 'crusty' from not being taken care of. Mold..mildew and likely not salvageable. It's back when I lived in Palm Bay, FL. when we were first married. And no, any of you smarty pants' out there in Blog Land..the movie isn't chipped out on stone!

So what are you guys out there doing today? For me..it's a partly cloudy day so I will be doing partly cloudy things. One of my best friends just called and said she was offered a (new) job she had been hoping for! We are planning a 5 person celebratory dinner soon! It's going to be fun!

See you in a bit..come on over...there's room in the car..we'll all go out.

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