Wednesday, October 27, 2010

DWTS 10/07

I watched Dancing With the Stars Tuesday night and the results last night.  For some inexplicable reason they had Wayne singing while Nick and Cheryl danced.  Someone please tell me that Wayne's voice does not always quaver like that.  He sounded like he was on one of those exercise shaking table type devices his voice was so high and quavery.  (Wow...just tell 'em how you feel, girl!)

I was not surprised to see Serena and her partner get top marks.  But I thought Helio and Julienne also deserved 30.  Mark and Floyd  were like wooden puppets out there with their professionals.  So was Marie, though I adore her.  And the head tossing while Marie danced was, in my opinion, not appropriate to the dance.  Jane showed her temper when she got called out on the feet leaving the floor.  They clearly did in the re-play, and I say just be a lady and shut up.  Cameron was outstanding too, as was Derek although Derek is the pro not the contestant in a manner of speaking.  Jenny G.  has an attitude problem I think.  She comes across to me as always  condescending to Derek, and her facial expressions are petulant and some over grown child.   Melanie was so-so but I like her voice.  Which is neither here nor there. This is going to be hard to call what with 4 excellent couples. 

I finally remembered to look up the Cheetah Girls last night.  Serena is only 23.  Ahhh youth!  :-)

I guess I just wrote a hypercritical blog. 

Last season, I was only for 2 couples.  And I would have ignored phone and the door to watch.  This season, I enjoy it the show but the dancers don't quite have the grip on me as they did.  None of them have grabbed my complete attention as Apolo/Julienne and Joey/Kim did. 

Have a lunch today and a dinner tonight.  See you there.  Red heart

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