Wednesday, October 27, 2010

DWTS 10/07


I just finished watching the only show I watch regularly besides the news.  Dancing With the Stars.

In my opinion (and heaven knows I gave it often enough last season of the show) Serena is THE one to beat in the women dancers with Jenny Ga-r-th, surprisingly, a close second.  And her partner, OH!  be STILL my heart!! He is adorable!!!!   Ma-r-ie Os-mon-d has a super duper personality but still..though she is a joy to hear and see, she just isn't up to snuff with the others.  But fun..Oh yes.  If they gave that old corny Miss Congeniality award, she's win it hands down.  Ja-ne is a nice person but I'm sorry...despite the tragedy she has just been through..that was not a good tango.  My opinion. 

S-c-ary Sp-ice..(Mel)  My opinion.  Meri-wet-her...OK.  My opinion.  Now He-lio...whoa..hold me back!!!! He is THE male dancer.  BUT he hurt his foot severely in practice and again on the dance floor.  That is a concern.  W-ayn-e N-ew-ton (sorry, fan clubs are scouting my space..that is why I am doing that) he should NOT be allowed to continue and take someone who can dance better, out.    He stinks.  Nice guy but the neighbors Golden Retriever can do better and has more range.  My opinion.  No one else made an impression on me.  The soap star, whatisname, he's OK.  (I don't watch any soaps and I swear I need to write down his name) Of the men...maybe he can run second to He-lio.   Mark Cu-ban is good too.  But He-lio..he's it.

I will try to be there to see the results tomorrow night if nothing else is happening. 

Hope I didn't make anyone mad with my little thoughts and opinion here.  Like you..I guess I tend to say what I think in my own blog. Wink

I have got so much reading backed up.  I have been putting it in chronological order so as to get the oldest first.  It is so unlike me to get this far behind. 

Have a good evening.  I'll see you tomorrow.  Red heart

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