Thursday, October 14, 2010

DWTS and a P.S. May 2007

DWTS and a P.S.

I did watch Dancing With the Stars last night and I believe it is down to 2 couples only. Apolo and Joey with their professional partners. Apolo has a slight edge over Joey though Joey does extraordinarily well considering neither he nor Apolo are dancers. But Apolo's athleticism shows!
It is so hard to type one "p" there in Apolo. But that is how he spells his name. One of the judges was nasty to Billy Ray Cyrus by saying his performance was "crap". That made Cyrus angry as well it would anyone. And he showed it. I think an apology was in order. If he got one, it was not on air.

Another Blackberry Winter out there. In the mid 40's and quite cool in the house.

I meant to say to other Hummingbird and bird enthusiasts out there that the Finches have finally stopped drinking the Hummingbird's nectar. I changed feeders. I have a flat one now and apparently the much bigger Finches can't negotiate it as well as the old fashioned tube-like feeder. Good. That was making me nuts. The Hummingbirds didn't like it either when their feeder was taken over by Finches.

My good friend sent me a picture she took of a squirrel hanging from his toes, upside down of course, snitching seeds out of her large feeder in the front yard. It was adorable! They will do anything for the birds' food!!! And by the way Cindy...the Chickadees and everyone else has seed, sunflower and safflower, in the feeder in the front yard. The Chickadees just don't want me on the deck where their nest is..that's why they are fussing.

Well..I have been around to see most of you..soon as I finish exercise I'll see the remainder. Have an awesome day!!
P.S. Oh No! I decided to walk at the Mall. Do I have to EVEN tell you what happened afterward??? I am the proud possessor of a new white skirt..a rather fit and flare sort with a crocheted belt that ties. And a new black top...V neck, cap sleeves (thank goodness for my weight lifting!!) I did the wrong thing and did not try them on on the store. the skirt is a tad big in the waist and the top is just right except a tad longish., Going to wash it and see if it draws up.

I had to do it! Those two pieces called me name..."Caaaarrrooolllleeeeee.....buuuuyyyy meeeeeee".

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