Thursday, October 21, 2010

Empty Album 8/2007

There is a cat lying on my right hand while I try to type.  Sigh.
I saw I had an empty album for ever over there to the side of the blog and I decided to put something in it.  I was looking thru some of the photos and I found two scans of something I blogged about not all that long ago.
We had had a weather phenom here in the area called..and I may spell it wrong..sorry..a durecho.  Which is low (here it was) hurricane force and sustained winds.  70-90 mph.  This happened in March, 2003 if I remember correctly.  I was off work and sleeping. It was the middle of the night. The box fan was blowing on high (I needed noise and still do to sleep...that's what a lot of shift workers are like.  We can't sleep in the day time without the white noise of the fan).  So, the 20 inch box fan was blowing hard..I was asleep and I woke.  Hmm.  Noise.  Different noise.  What was that??? I laid there for 10 minutes trying to tell what that different noise was.  I thought it sounded like wind howling as when we had the blizzard and it was about 70 mph then.  I got up.  I went to the front door and opened it.  Pitch black.  Power had just gone off when I opened the door.  The winds were howling through.  You can see and I have told you about the trees here.  TALL trees.  Many of 'em. They were swaying.  Bending alarmingly.  I went to all three doors trying to see.  I don't recall being more frightened.  An hour later I went to bed again thinking if the worse happened it did.
Next day I got up. My neightor called very early and said "Look across the street"  One of the zillions of oak trees had fallen and cut the house across the street about in two. You can look at the 6 photo album and see it.  The root ball in the air in the front yard of the house...the top of the tree stretched thru the house and way WAY into the back yard to the end of the property.  It was a total loss. No, not the tree.  of course that was.  I mean the house.   And that is what I fear for all of us around here as we are (see albums) totally surrounded by ancient trees.  Sad
I can't count the ones at the end of the fence line that have been struck by lightening too.  Another scary thing.  Oh well.
Just a note this evening.  Hope it was a good day for you all.Hot

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