Monday, October 11, 2010

Finally got the Cat to the Vet

I swooped down on her while she was at rest on the bed. She had to go without an appointment as it was imperative that she get there. She was somewhat overdue for her allergy shot and she is in horrendous misery without it. She escaped me last week when I tried two days to get her there. When I came back from the weekend trip she was far worse than when I left..sadly so. But now, two hundred and eight dollars later she is going to feel better. She needed her allergy shot, yes, but she also needed some flea meds though she never ever goes out. The pet sitter had to have brought them in, and that added to her misery. I will now spring for year round flea meds against the times when the fleas get carried in. The 6 month supply, 6 tubes and 1 free, were $108.00 alone. The secondary infection she developed on her skin from scratching so much required an antibiotic which was $55.00. Then, there were a few other services but he didn't charge for her pedicure or the re-check. That saved me thirty five dollars.

I am telling all of this in case someone has a cat or even a dog with certain symptoms so that they may ask me my experience and what was done.

She was so glad I was home yesterday. I laid on the floor loving on her for about 10 minutes and then got the things into the house. That's when I discovered a few fleas on her poor back and that she had been tearing out fur. There were clumps everywhere, Now, she will be immediately better and good to go for a month or so The fleas will be history I hope after a few days.

That is the peril of having a pet sitter. They go from house to house and if there are fleas on the pets they are caring for, they cling to the sitter and escape into YOUR flea free home where the animal never goes out. Makes me mad but this is the third time in 6 years I have had a flea problem in the house. I hope I got it sooner this time before it became obvious. Then, it's too late and it takes months. So now, I have to give her flea meds every month against pet sitter visits.

Anyway, thanks for reading it. I know it boring to non pet owners. Maybe even to those WITH pets is always an ordeal collecting her for her necessary meds,

Here is a photo I took Saturday uptown Charlotte NC. Biggify for a better view. ♥


  1. I know she didn't like it but 'tis necessary. I really like the reflection in the windows. Very artsy!

  2. Carole I am sorry to hear of miss cats ordeal. I feel bad for her and you. We sure love our pet kids don't we. Hopefully she will be feeling much better.
    Love your photo with the reflection. Good eye my friend. Thankyou for your visit. Nice hearing from you. Have a wonderful day.
    Hugs,Dianne :)

  3. Great photo (within a photo, lol)...

    Poor Admiral! Allergies are a bane, aren't they?! And with flea bite dermatitis, they itch all over, even if it was just one flea that bit them. Remember, for every live flea, there are 250+ eggs and larva in the environment...if a month from now you are still finding live ones, you will have to treat your house. I use and prefer VetKem Siphotrol Plus House Treatment.

  4. cool shot

    luckily i live in a dry climate so fleas are not a problem

    most cats around here are feral and pretty much roam the fields

  5. Glad she got her medication. You hate to see them miserable. Give her a snuggle from me. Great picture. Though I wouldn't like to have to be up that high. Not one for heights.

  6. Ohh nooo!! Treat the house too Ugh! So difficult to get rid of :( Poor thing was getting it from all sides, all that floof gone- you both need a break!

  7. I am so glad you got her to the vet.I hope the fleas are not a problem.
    I biggefied the picture and it is a wonderful shot.

  8. I remember growing up we had a flea problem made much worse because we had 4 cats. I hope your flea fix works quickly.
    I love that shot. The building in the background reminds me of our John Hancock Tower. All those reflective glass panels. I think I have a picture similar to yours.
    Again, nice shot!

  9. My goodness I sure hope your home is NOT flea infested because of someone else..I agree that would be soooo annoying. Here's hoping they are gone for good. : )

  10. It seems if you have an animal you need to look after them well otherwisr that better not have?
    unfotunately miss catts had involved in sickness that cause you an expense for VET.
    But your daughter catts that I understand very well too.You are good mother to her and for Miyuki:-)
    The tall building is that new one?
    It rather good looking ones:-)
    Hope you have a peaceful night,

  11. Thank goodness we don't have that much of a problem with flees in this area. It is to cold in the winter nere, for the flees. But we do have lice every now and then, again not very often.