Saturday, October 16, 2010

Finally She Got to See It July 2007

I blogged here a while back that my cat has a movie she watches. It is especially made for cats and has nothing but birds and animals with their sounds on the video. The movie has a title which is: "The Cat Sitter". I was glad I had not wasted my money as when I played it for her the first time, she hopped right up into a  side chair and watched it start to finish. She loves it and has 'asked' to see it by going to the DVD/VCR player and putting her foot on it while looking up at the TV.

Well, it wasn't so simple after I got the new TV. I hadn't a needed cable for one thing, and  there was a lot more to it. My oldest is here tonight and so he has helped. The cat said hooray and she is up in her cushioned chair watching happily. I took her picture which I will include in the blog for cat folks such as myself to see. The movie, by the way, is for bored felines who are not allowed outside. And mine is not.

For supper, I am making BBQ'd chicken breasts for my son...some buttered and parslied noodles and some green peas. Maybe some dinner rolls. Sure...come on. There's always room for one more. No noodles for you? Fine..we'll have something else too.

Read something interesting in the Sunday paper. You might be interested. Manners matter to me. They are very I was interested. LA. Johnson of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote an article about America's deplorable lack of common civility and manners. Also was cited a great web site. Try this on:
It is done by "Jeanne Hamilton who catalogues thousands of tacky tales spanning the depth and breadth of human rudeness"   LA. Johnson of the Post Gazette states, regarding the content of the website, "America's self -centered me- me -me culture is to blame for the erosion of class." Go have a look if manners and deportment are of any importance whatsoever to you.

Meanwhile..let's see how dinner is coming along. I'll put out some extra plates for you. But wash your hands first please.

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  1. I've been wanting the title of this cat video, which would be ideal for Kassey. Funny you should mention bad manners. I just recently saw bad manners and it's been bugging me ever since and it personifies 'me' 'me' 'me'. I'm a germ freak