Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Flowers 10/07

I was just thinking about flowers.  Some people just
They, those people I have just described as flowers, are a gift to others, fragrant with good, strong and beautiful with pliant resilience.

The kind and loving expression of  a friend who sits quietly and listens...who laughs with you when you laugh and who shares your pain and soars upward with you in your joy.  The more precious than gems gift of real friendship.  How blessed are we.
I  like to be someones flower every time I can.  When I deal with the public (which I have done in huge numbers) I like to greet them and leave them with a genuine smile, courtesy, and something to make them smile as well.  As I have been in an occupation not like many others, so I had and still have many chances to do this.  I expand this to the service people wherever I go.  In this, I follow the Golden Rule most every time.  I will be the one smiling at you and I will be the one slightly invading your space if I sense it is alright.  I will be the one who touches your arm or holds you hand.  And I will be with you to the end if needed.
It is a way, albeit a small way, of being of service to others.  I always hope that the bouquet I offer is taken each time I hold it out.  But even if it isn't, that does not affect me as I will hold a fresh one out to the next person as well.
Guess what I want to do this Fall and Spring?  Visit some more National Parks.  I have a Passport ( issued to keep track of the National Parks one visits) and can't wait to get the next stamp in it.
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