Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fossils-- May 2007

I think I mentioned several times that I collect gemstone roughs and fossils . I don't get too many fossils, as where I live they are not that easily come by. I don't like to get them on the Internet because I would rather see and assess them in person.

Nonetheless, today I got a Mother's day present from one of my sons and my grandson. It came in the mail. I unwrapped them, and wondered what they were. To my credit, it did occur that they might be fossils but alas, I wasn't sure. So, I sent an email acknowledging the receipt of the package and asking what it was. It is a fossil. Two of them. A fossilized whale neck bone and a fossilized whale vertebra! What's not to like (now I know what they are) ?? I have them in the cabinet where my other fossils are. Talk about a cool present!! I have an increasing number of fossils now. I think my piece of amber is what set me off insofar as collecting is concerned. There is an ant in that piece of amber. Millions of years old. (that amber cost me some bucks too, I might add!) Think of the history there!

On another topic, I had a number of odd seeming dreams the past several nights. One was that my oldest son had 24 gallon jars of peanut butter in his cupboard. I was amazed and even in the dream wondered why on earth he had that much peanut butter . Another was that I ran for Mayor of my town and won. No one was more surprised than I.

Last night was a variation of one I have had frequently down through the years. I dreamed that I had a house  other than this one ,and that I was walking through it looking at the fabulous furniture that I didn't know I had.  I saw the gorgeous mullioned windows and silk draperies. The ornate Philippine mahogany furniture and the wool carpet from the Far East were throughout the home. There were many rooms and each was a study in beauty and appointment. It is always a pleasure walking in this home of mine but I recognized the need to spruce it up a little.  That was the rub...had to make it better.

If one were to interpret dreams, one would know that a house represents you, yourself. Always. So...I will probably have my next up most frequent dream tonight or soon..that of walking through hallways with cream colored walls and crimson silk carpets. Beautiful wall hangings too. Tapestries. My taste is bigger than my means it seems.

We have had a fairly expansive storm here. As always we need the rain as we are 7 inches behind in the rain gauge.

Have a good evening and rest well all of you.

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