Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fun Saturday Night 10/07

I am so glad I got to go to the Pop concert last night.  Natalie Cole was the featured performer and she was beyond my expectations.  I was totally rocked by how great she sounded and looked.  Her entourage was fantastic of course. 

The first part of the 3 hours were selections played by the Big City's Symphony Orchestra.  They, the Symphony Orchestra, are superb!!! Every selection was performed (played) so well I feel as though they could be put anywhere to perform and they would come off tops!  I came away completely impressed with them never mind what all was to follow. 

Miss Cole came out after the first hour and was in a beautiful white form skimming gown.  Stunning!!  Her voice (I had never heard her sing before last night) was great!  What a range in tone and the selections were all well past pleasing!  Thoroughly enjoyable evening.  She did sing "Unforgettable" as I had hoped she would and it was in a duet form with her dad shown on a large screen singing that, to him,  signature tune.  "They" sounded so good we were all just riveted!!!

Her back up singers, or should I say background? singers were fabulous.  Each note that was played..each note that was sung came together to make a wonderful thoroughly enjoyable performance.  So glad I had this opportunity.

The opportunity came my way as the husband half of couple friends of mine could not attend as he went to a reenactment (Civil War) in another State.  So rather than go by herself, the wife invited me.  Those are premium seats too, though I had no idea.  Up front and center.  Again, a wonderful fun time for me.  It's been literal years since I have had the opportunity or even thought of attending such events.  Even as a teen I used to go to plays.  My only experience seeing  Hollywood stars doing the play circuit right in front of me on the Stage. 

Someone is up here trying to help me type.  I think that purrson wants to be brushed.  Pretty insistent.  I will say I am grateful to have been allowed to try to catch up on sleep (she let me sleep till 8) as she got me up at 5 yesterday after only a few hours sleep.  I had a headache all day and night to attest to that lack of sleep.  So, I have been able to make that up now and the instigator is here with her head on the mouse saying to quit..go brush and then...the rest of the day after she is tended to.Red heart

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