Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Get the Anti-Frizz out...It's Raining 4/07

It's raining at last. We are about 7 inches behind in the rain gauge for the year. April is here with its usual showers (I know..May flowers) and if April also is dry, we will be in, as they say here in these parts, a world of hurt. It is a gentle soaking rain...the best kind. No idea how long it will last. Oh HA! I just heard a little roll of thunder. I haven't bothered listening to TV at all thus far. No idea of the weather for the day. It's right here on my space. I guess I need to look at THAT! I also need to get on the treadmill. I have dallied hoping I could forget about it but I cannot. Sigh. I am in my shorts and tank...but then, I came on in here.

Just got a call from my little grandson. My sons and he are all in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Spring break, don't 'cha know? They seem to be having a pretty good time. They are in a condo there. Three bedrooms, couple of baths, jacuzzi, balcony, whatever's and so the accommodations are good.

I really REALLY don't want to get on the treadmill but I will. I think it's because it's so gloomy out there. I have to have the yard mowed by someone that I hire to do it. (Now, there is a topic change with no transition if I ever saw one!!) If you lived here, you would understand why I don't do it myself. One...I live in a hilly area to say the least. Two, due to a bad lower back (disc) I don't bend at the waist easily at all) and repeated knee injuries on the firing range through the years makes it is difficult and painful for me to mow in this sort of yard. All that un-necessary wordage to tell you the yard was mowed yesterday and of course it is raining to beat the band today. Hence, the yard will be grown up again within two days. And the feller ain't a'comin' back fer two weeks!! Oh well...I might add the car was washed and waxed yesterday as of course the two in combination was far better than a rain dance any day of the week. I should have taken action sooner.

I did get the Sunday paper in however before it floated away. I made myself put what remains (after I peeled away all the ads and classifieds) to the side till I get on the treadmill. Reading the paper will be my reward. Someone gave me DVD to look at as well..this was several days ago and I have to do that too. I said I would. I don't like being still that long. Seriously. So it's hard to make myself do it. I DO sit still that long for Spiderman movies and Star Trek movies. That's it though. You can tell I rarely go to movies if those are the only ones I have seen..and they are, with the exception of The Lake House and today, the Mimzey. I just am not a movie go-er nor do I like sitting and watching TV. When I sit, it's to read. I love to read.

More than you wanted to read about my personal life. Oh well. Have a great rest of the weekend. Lotsa hugs to you.

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