Thursday, October 14, 2010

Git'er Done --May 2007

Because of commitments, and illness before that, for 5 days, I did the least fitness work I have done since I started. Only two times on the treadmill in those days (even I can excuse myself with illness) and today, it was back to the grind for me and Mattias and Hannah's grandmother!!! (I do hers too, don't you she is busy with the babies). So, Karin, we are off to a great start!! I got the treadmill and the weight lifting done (so you'll be strong for the babies). Better that I guess than gaining Herculean strength from pickin' an' flingin' ticks off into tick netherworld as Cindy and Jim do I could go all day not picking off ticks. Well, I dunno. Come to think of it, with the wonderful cabin they have in the far up north, it would be worth it after all!

I just got up and impulsively put the bedspread on the bed!!! Why is that an event you may well ask? Because with the dark long-haired beauty who shares my abode, creamy colored crocheted and lace bedspreads are NOT an option. That girl sheds like fur is going out of style and it's her duty to make sure the coffers are well stocked in case I run out!!! Daily brushing is a must. I am too stubborn to buy another spread right now. I must say however...she looks so opulent lying on it! (better than me, I daresay!) Nurses such as she are hard to come by so one does what one must.

I am beginning to think about the bookshelves again. Well, one must think of them when one passes by as the books are burgeoning. I have to do something no matter my excuses.

I see my appetite is back! My 3 sheets of graham crackers and Earl Gray are just so not doing it today.

House duties await and then some errands. Then if I can only make myself..dumping out one of the bookcases.

By the way, have you noticed on the new home page MSN gave each of us, that there is a place on it that tells you when your contacts have updated their spaces. The info is unfailingly wrong. It has one person (my contract, of course) down for not having updated in 10 days. The blogger in question blogged yesterday. None of the others are correct either. It's a nice idea and I appreciate they did that for us, but totally inaccurate. about coming over to see me? I have crackers...let's just sit here in the computer room and eat them while we sip our tea. Oh, THAT!? That's one of my bookcases. Ya think? Show me what you mean....

(P.S. For those who don't "know" me well, that was a trap. Step into it. You'll be doing my bookcases before you can blink twice!)

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