Monday, October 25, 2010

Good Day 9/07

I entitled the blog that and took some digital pictures for you so you can see what I see when I stand on the deck or just look out the big window.

The new photos are from number 18 on in the top uppermost album.  If you make the pictures large as you go through them, you can see the striations the tree limbs made in the sun beams. I took several photos within ten minutes.  The fog is more present in the first few frames. 

It's disheartening to have this many big trees (and you can't see them all) right up on the house like this when there is a wind storm or lightening, but too, you can't beat the beauty. You can see why I sit out on the deck when the weather isn't boiling hot as it has been, and enjoy all the wildlife as they make their way through the woods and the property.  Coyotes, as I have mentioned before, and multitudes of deer, an occasional gray fox, all the small animals we are all used to, i.e. raccoons, O'possums, skunks, and of course the ever present squirrels both gray and ground squirrels.  Wolves occasionally make their way from the National Park (red wolves) but that is rare.  It happens however.  There are Elk too, but not in my particular area. The Elk were put here in east Tennessee perhaps ten years ago.  They have flourished.

The treadmill awaits me and there was a distinct coolness this morning when I woke instead of suffocating heat.  The satin sleep set will go into the drawer for another time.  By the way, way would I own satin sheets.  Ugh.


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