Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Got Those Movies Back 10/07

How wonderful!  I got those old 8 mm movies put to DVD and they are back.  I went to pick them up today.  2 of them.  One was Daddy's from sometime ago.  What a pleasure.  It is still faded badly but it's old old old.  I know there are more movies but I don't know if my brothers have them, if they are just plain gone or what. I remember seeing some when I was little..5 years old... of Daddy, Mother and life before I came along and even before they were married.  Old girl friends of Daddy's Smile.

There was another..a color super 8 that was of my graduation.  My husband took that movie and I am surprised at the shakiness of his grip on that old movie camera. The kids were in that one too.  Playing Frisbee in the yard and across the street.  Then, lastly Hopping John, our beloved male cat back then.  ( me, husband and children) One of the few male cats I have had as a pet. Usually they are girls.  I will look through that same storage container, probably in vain to see if there are any other boxes of movie film.

I have my oldest here.  We are sorta celebrating his new job.  So I made him tacos tonight.  It's colder'n wiz out there..was 44 I think last night.  Going to be tonight as well, so I'm going to throw an extra blanket on his bed.  Tonight is also Friday night football for all the area high schools.  Go WILDCATS!!!

Tomorrow, the Vols will battle Mississippi and that will be in Starkville I think.  I hope to goodness they do as well as they did last week against University of Georgia.  They were particularly motivated and I hope they are again.  It is a PPV, and I won't pay for it..just the principle of the thing, so I will have to listen on the radio.  The Vols have done so poorly these past several years, no one hardly wants to televise their games.  Maybe they will battle their way back to game respectability!  GO VOLS!

Gas is $2.59 a gallon here in this immediate area.  Better than $3.00 I guess.  Sad

I'm going back in to keep my oldest company whether he wants me to or not and tomorrow evening is the symphony orchestra.  Looking forward to that!!!

Here is a link that isn't too encouraging for you to read: Stay well and have a super weekend.  I sure will.  Red heart

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  1. I wish I had movies of my 3 sons as they were growing up. How wonderful having these memories.