Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Got'cha One 3/07

Before I leave the topic, I was scratching around on the Internet last night regarding the cavemen.  A news story gave this URL and said it gave a tour of a caveman's home.  It's interactive..just run your mouse over the scenes to see which one to click on..and enjoy!  I laughed out loud on most of the tour!!!  Those of you who enjoy the commercials..go on over to this url.   You will also hear that music I spoke of in a blog several days ago.   http://www.cavemanscrib.com/

I had asked if you all knew how to eat a Pomegranate and like NO one answered.  Soooo, I looked it up and darned if I didn't find the answer.  Seems tedious though.  I think I would rather drink the juice than go through all that.  I wonder what the juice tastes like?  Cherries, grapes, pomegranates?  Close to what, I wonder? That, hunting  for how to eat the silly pomegranate, is how I stumbled eventually on that URL I left for you above.

The weather is stunningly beautiful.  It's 24 degrees out there but gorgeous!!!  Supposed to get to 59.  I'll take it. 1st son will be here tomorrow.  I'm already planning what to cook.  I want to do a homemade from scratch tuna noodle casserole but he seems iffy about that.  Back to square one.  Any ideas? 

I am stalling.  It's 0821..I am still not dressed and the treadmill awaits me.  OR...I may go ahead, get dressed, go to the Mall..take my wallet!!! and um...walk.  That's it..walk!  After that, hit the grocery for what I am going to cook tomorrow..whatever that is. 

I can't say enough for the great job this laptop cooler accessory is doing.  No fan.  I was telling another blogger that I stood there faced with two choices.  One with a fan, one without.  They cost the same.  The one with a fan would use a USB port and make a little itty noise.  The one without would be quiet and not use a slot.  Same cost.  One might be tempted to get the most for one's money and take the fan one.  But, I opted not to.  This device raises the back of the laptop up a little bit (of course) and I like the effect.  I wasn't sure I would but I do.  No glare any more from the window behind me and I can see the keyboard better (no glare there as well) I did well.  Neither cost much.  Just under $30.00. I wonder if overheating had anything to do with my Sony laptop dying last Fall???  It wasn't that old.  But it was hotter'n a firecracker.  Think about it guys.

Got to get going here.  I need to do my fitness..go to the stores, do my hair, and so on.  Most of all I need to enjoy the day!!!  This is a day the Lord hath made!!

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