Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Guess I need to get crackin' again 10/13/10

After this "warning" I will be transferring another month's worth of blogs from Spaces onto Blogger. It fills a person's dashboard notification with all 30 of them-including my own I might add but I don't have any way out of it if I am going to bring them over. I am doing it so they can be removed by a third party to be printed as something for the kids. Google Blogger permits that. MSN does not. So I will get cracking with another month's worth later today or tomorrow early.

The bill I scanned for yesterday's blog was my son's ham biscuit and small cola. I had a sausage biscuit and coffee. GOOD coffee. Joe, Starbucks is good but when it's not flavored (I don't drink flavored coffees) SB is a bit on the bitter side to my taste. McD's is perfection. Always has been.

The painting smells only just completely dissipated from the house. I could still faintly smell it when I came home from Charlotte. Mother's cactus is blooming and trust me, I can SURE smell that awful odor.

Here is a 54 Chevy truck..all original inside too! We saw it on our walking tour of uptown Charlotte over in the Fourth Ward Historic and park District. What a honey of a truck!!

The 55 mph speed sign is one we encountered on the Interstate where construction is going on. The one to the left of this one was also crumpled. Caught someone by surprise I guess!


  1. You are very industrious and it's heartfelt to know you are leaving such a wonderful 'book' for your kids...

    Not sure why, but the truck photo says, crisp weather and a fun, bumpy ride with the windows rolled down...

  2. Oh I so love that old Truck.. looks in mint condition as well.. wouldn't be lovely to take a long drive in it..
    thank you for your lovely comment..
    hope your day is fantastic..

  3. The photo of the old truck brings back memories.
    I think the book for your boys is a wonderful idea.


  4. Have you looked at WordPress, with a click there it goes and can multiple owners.

    For me SB is a status thing and over priced. Like good black coffee and some kick.

    Cool PU, a few of them sitting around here in the fields collecting rust, there is even an old Studebaker PU.

  5. A good idea to have copy of all your blogs for your kids though just like a books?
    in end after years you might need to buy new bookshelf:-)

    Your Mum cactus in wrong spot Sis! everytime I visit your home this time of year I just go to the back door:-)
    Miss Catts looking at me has big smile in her face:-)

  6. I like that the tag says "Drive Safely". I tried McDonald's coffee today. Better than I remember. They must be really trying to compete with SB.

  7. I wonder if McD will tell what brand of coffee they serve. It is the best restaurant coffee. That is a nice truck as all 50's models. I've wondered about the book thing, but know nothing about it. You'll do good as you're a good writer.

  8. I don't know what I'll do about my old blogs. There are some I'd like to keep.
    I can't remember if I liked Mcd's coffe. My personal favorite still comes from the Ma&Pa style donut shop near me.Strong but smooth.

  9. Think I mentioned that I just went ahead with the WordPress thing. Seemed simpler.
    You're making me think I'll have to have a cup of McD's coffee first chance I get. Always have liked it. Had SB big deal in my book.
    Interesting sign...wonder if anyone was ticketed.

  10. I FOUND YOU! I have been away since I changed my blog over... not happy but trying to get used to the new blog... I now have you bookmaked on my main bookmark menu bar...

    I am glad Miss Catt finally got her meds... Enjoy the peace for another six weeks. Love, Marilyn

  11. Great truck! We like McD's too. Although I do like flavored coffee and teas when I'm in the mood. How wonderful to have your blog printed off for the boys. Wishing you a great week and glad to hear the cactus bloomed!