Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hard to Top Stuff About Trumpets 2007

Mornin'.  It's awfully hard to top that scintillating topic of warbling trumpets.  I won't even try! 

Yesterday turned up well for the house's welfare!  My good friend's son, for a fee, washed the vinyl siding of the house.  Surprisingly, after just a year, it was in real need of a good scrubbing.  Especially where the heat and air unit is located on the
NW side of the house.  There was some amount of green mildew formed on the siding where the vapor from the unit condensed on the cold vinyl through the Winter.  Not a lot looks uglier than that nasty green stuff on a cream colored house.  Well, on any color house!  This substance that he used has a wax-like substance in it so that the siding has a low gleam to it.  Not obtrusive at all.  Very nice.  "Jojoba" or something like that, I think it's called.

Meanwhile, at 13 going on 14 inch rain deficit for East Tennessee, we got some rain yesterday.  Not much as while it was a hard fast rain, it only lasted like 20 minutes.  Today, there is supposed to be 80% rain coverage of the State.  I can only hope.  I broke down and got a bird bath for my friends out there.  If I am feeding the guys, they may as well be able to belly up to the bar and have a drink too, for pete sakes.  There isn't a lot of water to be had for them in a natural setting.  Even the creeks are dried or drying up. The hummingbirds are drinking the feeder dry about every 2 days.  I think that is because if the lack of water unless they fly a long way away from their nests and homes to the River.  Poor guys.  Insects too. 

You ought to see the bulging sides of my ground squirrels and regular gray squirrels.  They are out there eating what falls from the feeder.  Man, they are literally obese!  Those tunnels the ground squirrels dig will have to come in 'extra wide' now!!!

Today is a dear friends birthday.  I will treat her to dinner as a gift..that's what we usually do.  The dinner thing is just about a tradition between me and my friends...we all seem to have fallen to that as a fun and still practical thing to do. 

I have been out there using my microfiber cloth to wipe down my car while it still had water on it from yesterday's rain.  That saved me taking it to be washed or doing the washing, hauling out the bucket, sponge etc etc myself.  I have only recently re-discovered how great those microfiber cloths are!  All you need is the cloth.  No cleaning solutions.  You can't beat that with a stick!  The car looks good and it only took about 8 minutes total.  You might want to give it a try in between major cleanups and waxing.

By the way, you all are probably right..the trumpet will likely make its way here.  Sigh.  Guess we'll spend some time out at one of the parks...or the neighbors will mob the house. 

Go have a wonderful day!  I will too...see you around the corner in about half an hour..need to do my hair!

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