Monday, October 25, 2010

Health 9/07

Have you read about how millions of Americans are traveling overseas to get medical treatment?  And have you also read that the medical treatment  abroad is of excellent quality?  Not only excellent, but a fraction of the amount one would have to pay here at home.  That's too bad for us as a Nation.  It's also understandable in that this Country is prosperous by and large.  I certainly know that not everyone is prosperous.  You know what I mean and the context with which I am saying it.  Salary ranges are far higher here as is the cost of living, than many other areas in the world.  We all are aware of that  and the cause and effect of  it being...everything from  the cost of living in general to medical care and hospitalization costs more here. 

Those who are badly under insured or without insurance because of medical problems and being declined by the Insurer, are in great need of often times life saving procedures, i.e. open heart surgery, spinal surgery, many and all others.  If you are aware of your options, have the ability to gather some money and have a passport there may be help available that you may not have access to here.  Maybe.

 Leaving is becoming more common now-- though certainly not the top choice always, due to a change in Culture and not knowing the language of the Country, for one's  surgical procedure.  But not to worry about being understood while there, the article I read said.  They speak English well and are solicitous of our differences.   Even some employers are getting into the game by suggesting that their employees avail themselves of this valuable alternative. The medical care  is excellent and less expensive to both the employee and the employer.

The article I read said that Thailand and India seem to be the most sought out, and they received full marks for excellence.

I saved the references as you never know when they might be needed.  There are agencies that help coordinate these medical trips.  There are things one must know and be aware of and so there is an overview provided advising of the pluses and minuses of opting to go abroad for serious surgery and advice regarding research if interested in going abroad for surgery along with practical advice as to what to take and what to bring back. 

I have read of this before in several magazines in the past year.  It appears to be gaining speed.  I am just skimming over the most general  of things here..not pretending to write an article.  Just a thought for us.

I hope you all have had a great Labor Day.  Red heart

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  1. Well done Sis! this is a huge effort time to transferred in all your post in here.

    This is a good post that more people are interested in our medical treatments.
    In here we don't cover with medicare for overseas
    I think your country is the same?
    if you are on privet covers and a big differnts on waiting times for people who needed surgery sometime take only week to be done.