Sunday, October 3, 2010

Heartbeat -of me 2/07

I decided to do this again. Been a fun day and one full of this's and that's. I didn't get to go visit my friend as her hubs has a virus..and we KNOW how I whined and went on about the one I had back in December two times and again 4 weeks after that for a grand total of 3 times! Don't want that again so I am staying away in droves.

However, like Millie, that sent me to the stores. I got another pair of jeans! BUT they are dark rinse. Not faded. They'll be like dress jeans, right Millie? So, I needed those! Pair number, like...46. I got my oldest a camo T shirt. He may as well join the rest of us as me, my grandson and now the oldest will be matching! I found the brand and style of an, um....feminine garment...that I like. Came home; took it out of the box to put in the drawer and the silly thing was not the size they had on the box. Considering this is a nationally known and decently expensive brand..that surprised me. So I will have to take it back tomorrow. I tried on shoes but thankfully none of the shoes turned my cra-nk. So I don't buy any. I DID get just exactly the right shade of green T shirt though. It was 'weathered' as they call it. The green was faded enough to look almost married to a silvery gray. I am crazy about that shade of green. An associate of mine bought me a T shirt in a pub once just exactly that color and also all cotton as is this new one. I have almost worn the thing out. Right now it is faintly snug on me as I put on some muscle but also a few pounds from stopping smoking last year long about this time. End of April I believe it was that I quit. So it was good to get another T about that color. I'd have to lose 10 pounds to look good again in that T I mentioned that was bought for me.

Guess what else though? I finally broke down and got me a heart monitor. LOVE it. They made us all wear one during our mandatory physical fitness at work. It didn't matter if you were 20 years old or 50. You wore it. (liability issues I know). It's a good thing to have. Mine is on now as it just arrived today. I am watching it move around some as I have and always have had an irregular heartbeat. It's just a normal abnormality for me. Doctors get used to it and no longer turn gray haired when they listen to my heart. But I want to see what my pulse rate is in reality as I exercise just as I used to be able to.

Today at Wally World, I watched two old women in front of me at the "20 items or fewer" register (with their 40 or so items!) try to put one over on the clerk. I watched and I would not have allowed it if it had not been caught. They thought they were pretty clever at it but whispering with your hand over your mouth to your, isn't too smart. It draws (my) attention to you. Anyway, as the boy rang up these multiple items of clothing, the younger woman began putting the just bagged items on top of smaller items still in the cart, such as the portable CD player, a calculator, some slippers and so on. After the items on the cashier's belt were rung up, they made to ante up what showed as the amount. Then, the young man said "what about the other things? Under the bags?" Both women said loudly and at the same time in concert " OH YEAHHHHH" and got those out too. I was proud that boy saw those things. Because they sure wouldn't have made it easy piling all that stuff on top. Too much cop in me. I could not have let that go unchallenged.

I can't wait for tomorrow's treadmilling to see what my pulse rate is. I take it occasionally when I am finished but that isn't a good indicator. You've already slowed down a few beats.

Hope you all had a great day. I sure did!!

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