Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hmm October 2007

Hmmm...might have to change my mind some.  Helio AND Cameron were both equally great on DWTS.  Poor Jane has a bad back and it shows as she is inflexible beyond a slight bend.  That's just the way it is..I ought to know.  She's brave but she needs to go, as does you-know-who who is a sweetheart and has a great personality but.  I might also ask what IS it with Jenny who can't seem to keep her tongue off her front teeth.  Is she afraid they will drop out or something? That is just annoying to see. 

I am all duded up..well sorta, and about to go out to lunch.  I am all in black and that just looks so good with my hair if I say so myself.  ( and I frequently do) Red lips AND I have a new pair of black high heeled boots to wear.  Woo Woo!  Hubba hubba ding dong DING!

I have done my weights workout but still to get on the treadmill.  I didn't want my widdle face to be all reddened from exertion, so I put it off for awhile.  I'll hop up there in the afternoon unless I head off up the street for a walk.  It's like climbing a mountain going up MY street. Just a steady incline all the way.  I used to just fly up there but that was before I got so sadly out of shape.  I'm not that bad now but it makes me appreciate the woman I once was.

I am getting ready to go to Charlotte.  I have already revived my old joke about snow when I go.  With my luck, it probably will snow in the mountains but my bet is, really, it won't.  Next month now..I would be getting closer to that happening.  Around here you never know though.  But I have my back pack out for makeup, diva stuff and whatever's and my little tote for jammies and etc. extra T shirts and so on.  I'll be ready well before departure time Friday. 

I can't wait to get to the European Store ( that is what it is called and where I get my Russian tea and those odd cookies to go with the tea.  I like a break from Earl Gray sometimes.   Then, we get to go shopping in my three favorite places Saturday.  I just throw my wallet at the Store managers when I walk in.  Saves time as I always love to spend money in those places!!! 

Well, I'll take my fine smelling well put together self out of here nowWink and  collect as many scalps as I can while out.  (Believe that?  I have real estate for you in Florida)Red heart

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