Thursday, October 21, 2010

How Would You Handle This? Auguest 2007

Thank you, by the way, for your considered comments regarding the blog on a teacher's plight.  Really on the plight of the schools in general and teachers in particular.  I appreciated your reading of it and taking a moment to comment.  Meant a great deal.  Thank you again.

I do have a peculiar question for you however.  In all seriousness I would appreciate ideas how to handle this rather delicate situation.

I have a cat who lives inside.  Never ever goes out. She has lived with me most of her life.  She came to me as a kitten.  She was a rescue by the way. is the background:  She never leaves the house.  No animals ever come in.  I have come and gone for all the 9 years of her life and never ever brought an insect in.  Insect = fleas in this case. Not once.  Ever.  I don't go traipsing in my yard..I sit on the deck.  We know my yard is hired out from all my boring blogs on the topic.  Those persons do not come in the house.  Why do I say that for a background you may well ask.  Because a dear dear friend who has done work for me in my home..and the deck you can see pictures of in my albums was made by him is making a problem.  He is a dear friend.  Precious to me.  BUT he has rather like a farm that he lives on.  They have many animals, goats, horses, etc etc etc AND 3 outside cats who occasionally come in for this or that at their home. 

This friend, through all the times he has been inside my house working (lots of times) has unknowingly carried in his outside cats fleas and infested my cat and the carpet.  I told him the first time after spending umpteen dollars on meds for her ( and her being mad at me for applying it to her neck as it stung) and having the carpet cleaned. $$$$$$$$$$  right there, I assure you.) that he brought in fleas because I KNOW he did.  There was no other way for them to get into my house.  He got defensive and said *I* did  it by walking thru the yard.  Well, I got right back with him and assured him of all I wrote above there for you.  He finally caved and said it indeed likely was him and his cat's fleas hitching a ride on his trousers.  Hopping off in my house and onto the cat. No way did I bring those in.

He was here 2 weeks ago.  Guess who is scratching?  No...not ME yet but the poor cat has fleas again..that means MY pristine house does too.  I have to buy that medicine again and go thru alllll that all over again.

Question:  What can I say to my friend?  I wish he wouldn't even come in.  I hate to say that but when he does, it leads to problems for me that cost me money. 

How can I handle that without being unfriendly, mean seeming...whatever.  I cherish the friendship.  I just hate the fleas.  Each time this happens and this is the third time, it costs me a lot of money.  Do I lose the friendship?  Hurt his feelings?  Stand it and just keep spending money?  I can't ask the guy to go thru a cloud of insecticide when he comes in the door!!Sarcastic. It hurts his feelings, embarrasses me and...costs me money and the cat is miserable. 

Ideas?  Thoughts?  I know, you probably think I'm crazy. 

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