Monday, October 25, 2010

Hummers 9/07

I watched the second DVD in that BBC series I mentioned yesterday, The Life of Birds and it was super good!  You guys are going to have to get that, those that are interested in nature and particularly birds.  I have the last one to view tonight.  240 minutes so I am going to have to block out the time carefully.  The others were not that much less.  It was close to midnight when I got done and into bed.  The four footed alarm allowed me to sleep till 0720.  As I mentioned Discovery HD has it on, or did anyway.  But I am having to watch thru the DVD's and that's OK with me. 

Speaking of birds..the traffic at my hummingbird feeder has gone down considerably.  I made a whole new batch of nectar for them and they haven't even finished the first feeder full I poured for them.  They are going back now to their Winter homes.  Some of you who feed those gems will be seeing mine (and others of course) before another week is done as they make their final fueling stop before the Gulf of Mexico non stop flight.  Of course some people have hummingbirds visit all year long.  I never want that to happen here as we have full Winter with ice and snow.  It would kill me to see any precious little gems out there freezing despite my feeding them. I want them to go to their other homes and see me again next April.  I think I mentioned a few years ago that I had just gotten home from a midnight shift and saw a jarring sight!  I worked 7A to 7P, or 7P to 7A unless I had OT.  Then add 4 hrs. to that.  Anyway, I was home; it was about 0735 and I had already taken a quick shower.  I smoked then and was smoking a final cigarette before heading to bed.  A female hummingbird flew up to my face..within a few inches and asked me where the nectar was.  I told her that as it was October, I had taken it all down, disinfected and put it away for next year.  She stayed anyway and I had to go in, make nectar, get out the feeder...make and cook new nectar..give HER some uncooked to let her have something to eat so I could go to bed.  I immediately refrigerated the cooked nectar when I got up about 1445 and poured some more for her. (so it would last and not spoil, I switched to the nectar I had brought to a boil).

I fed that one girl hummingbird till the end of October and into November.  Scared me to death that she was going to stay because I was feeding her, or that she would starve if I didn't.  Then, several days went by finally with no girly at the feeder..I took it down, cleaned and stored till next year.  I don't know why she stayed too late.  But I hope she made it to her usual home when she left.

I was in here earlier and reading blogs and someone called for lunch so guess I will start getting ready.  Go forth and have a good day.  Red heart

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