Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hummingbirds, Finces, Wrens, Oh MY! 4/07

My attention was drawn to the hummingbird feeder yesterday afternoon late by flitting bird bodies! I looked out expecting to finally see my first hummingbird of the year (I have had the feeder out for 2 weeks, just in case) and of all things there were two finches at the feeder. Sitting on those tiny perches made for little hummingbird feet! Two great finches! At the feeder trying to drink nectar. They must have gotten some or they would not have stayed as long as they did. They were OH so casual about it if to imply "Oh, we do this all the time. Doesn't everyone?" After marveling over it for a few minutes I opened the deck door to hurry them on their way in case an actual hummingbird might want a bite to eat..assuming they were here. After all, someone has a lot of nesting material in the top of the wind chime's!!! Tiny something.

Not half an hour later, again, my attention was drawn out there and lo!! There was a male hummingbird at the feeder!!! First one of the season that I have noted. (Ruby Throated Hummingbirds are what we have here). Those great galumphing Finches will not crowd out the hummers if I have anything to do with it. Stinkers. What do they think the seed feeder is for?

Meanwhile I am going to mention again that I got a stand as it were, for my laptop as a few months ago. I had noticed on moving it that the laptop generated so much heat it was scorching hot underneath it. I have to wonder if that is what led to the demise of my not very old at all former laptop? Heat. So, one of my sons, the oldest, mentioned getting something made to raise it from the surface and allow air to circulate. What a huge difference! I can't recommend buying one of those enough. You can find several varieties in Staples for certain. That's where I bought this one. $27.00 is not a bad investment in this case. You can bu one with or without tiny fans. I bought without a fan..not needed. All I needed was to get the computer's surface OFF the desk and allow air to circulate under it.

I also thought to mention one more time in my blog proper about Firefox. As I blog walk I notice as always, bloggers who can't get into their own spaces..crashing, what have you. That was what happened to me too. Past tense. My oldest got tired of hearing it, so he uploaded Mozilla Firefox browser and I have had almost zero problems since. I am not paid for this, nor am I a shill. I am just an extremely satisfied user of Firefox with no problems. I wanted you to be as well. I.E. is great when it works. Firefox is always great.

I am in here stalling. I need to get up on the treadmill. At least I can look out the window while on there, and see the hummingbirds or the finches...whichever gets there first! Sigh. Youngest is coming over tonight to assist me in finding the best places for the newly framed photographs in the house..places that might showcase them best. So I need to plan a dinner besides. What sounds good to you? Mexican? I agree.

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