Friday, October 15, 2010

Hummingbirds October 15th 2010

I finally took their feeder down today.  I disinfected it and their jar in which I store my home made nectar.  I love to cook it for them.  Here is one of my girls.

For the past week and a half I had one girl out there..just as I always do, sitting on the little stick I made to fit over the feeder so they can relax and more easily guard their territory.   She stayed morn till evening..came back day after day until she must have finally felt fit enough to make that horrendous trip.   She and her other friends will stop off in various yards along their way until they must commit to flying all the way across the Gulf of Mexico.  They gain over twice their weight..all the way up to TWO pennies equivalent in order to fatten up and have the stamina to make it.  Because they don't stop once they commit to the flight across the Gulf.  Not until the get to Central America. Then they may go farther or stay there.  Some stay in Mexico but those jewels are tough tough tough!!! Go with God sweet ones..and I will be waiting from April 10th on to see your dear little selves agaon.  The nectar and a clean feeder will be waiting.  And so will I, cause I love you little sweethearts.


  1. We've had one female, too. She just left a couple days ago. We had the same thing happen last lone female staying longer. I, so enjoy those little birds.

  2. They are always a joy to see and I have no clue as to what sex they are.

  3. As Great Granny said I haven't got clue?
    It must be different colour of a feather?
    I remember that every year the same birds are return to your home too?
    It must be very touching feeling for them Sis..
    Enjoy your weekend with all your Kids:-)

  4. I don't even know if the exist around here.

  5. Humming Birds are really one of the most delightful creatures ever if you ask me. We have some glorious flowers here on the compound we're staying that look like prime candidates for some Humming Bird intervention but I never see any. Just want to thank you for stopping by my space though there's little I can do from here with it. Feel free to send a note to my e-mail if you want to contact me in the future. Blessings Carole.

  6. Ounce for ounce the toughest bird out there. Also the sweetest too.

  7. Nice shot! It's amazing that those little birds can fly all that way.