Friday, October 15, 2010

I Shoulda Had a V8! June 2007 of those "I shoulda hadda V8!" (vegetable juice) commercial thingies comes to mind. Where I worked all those years before, only co-workers ever saw me and not all of them because of where I was in the scheme of things. I have had three marriage proposals in as many days. Now, I know and you know they are play proposals but it tells me something. Being out among "real" people can be more fun than where I was. Well, there was nothing fun at all about where I was. but, it paid extremely well. So, I am not complaining. I am simply observing.

The shoes have really helped with my additional back pain from standing. Nothing will cure or take away the underlying problem but poor shoes as you all have pointed out can make a bad problem worse. I see that is so. Today is a long work day and the one that did me in last week with white sandals. I have yon black oxfords on.

I also have the first trash offerings in the new can. I almost hate to look in the morning. He MAY come by and not notice anything YET! Did you all see in the comments yesterday MsDazey's comment with her Diva raccoon story??? She put a link in there that will take you straight to it. It's a story she wrote about a pair of dining raccoons she and her hubby saw at their place. I thought I looked rather stylish, as well I should.

I got roped into some OT on Monday. He said 2 hours. We will see about that. I bet it turns into 3 or 4. I don't want it. But this time I said yes. Now come holiday time..they are going to have to look elsewhere for long hours. I more than paid my dues over and over and over and over. We all know, those who have been blog family members for awhile that as a 12 hr shift rotation worker, all holidays worked, ALL...unless your off day happens to fall on one, I have missed plenty of birthdays and holidays. More than I have not and I will not go through that again.
Gotta go to work.

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