Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Invisible Woman May 2007

I have some advice as to how to try again to make my avatar show. After my appointment this morning I will try again. I appreciate the suggestions and help. If we can all make it work, we will and if not, I will be that blue blob forevermore I guess. OR I will just delete the profile. There's nothing in it anyway. You know how I am.
Beth just said she saw my avatar!  (1619 hrs.)

Another peerless day coming up. That will be the last of them for a while so says the weather man. Some chances of showers and we certainly do need them, start tomorrow.

I am readying to go get my hair done. It's shoulder blade level so I think it's time for a trim. I was going to make the bed of course before I got dressed and the other significant resident of the house has gone back to bed. Right there in the middle of the bed. Hard to make the bed with a lump in the middle so I will wait. And no, those of you who are not cat people.. disturbing her is not an option. When she gets up, I'll make the bed. (You might think she paid the bills around here, huh?)

I remember when the boys were growing up, our cat who lived into her teens would occasionally be in someones lap..anyone of us, and when that person was asked or told to do something, a chore, if Robin was in their lap (or mine) it was an accepted and not disputed excuse to say these very words with a nod to the black lump in their lap. " Can't. Cat." And that would be that! No one got mad at the inconvenience. It was just accepted; do not disturb the cat. I will add however that if it was an emergency, that one HAD to get up, them she was carefully and gently transferred to another waiting lap! Preferably without waking her. As for my present cat, if I were crass enough to disturb her, she might be tempted to pad her bill to my accountant for her medical services while I was so sick these past days. I blogged about how hard she worked for me. Expensive Purr Therapy!!! Day and night. What a nurse!

My second son has a successful transfer to another middle school and he is very pleased about that. My grandson will be going there as well. Talk about convenient. They know, as he told them when he applied, that he is a Fulbright Scholar and will be gone to Europe for a year. The Principal of the new school said that he, my son, can email the kids in his to-be class while gone!! Way cool. My youngest is counting down the days to his Alaska photography trip. That will be toward the end of this month. Can you believe it is MAY already!? Was it not just a wink ago, Christmas?

No treadmilling till later in the day, Skipped yesterday due to feeling weak. So have to do it today. Lift that barge..tote that bale...sigh.

Later dudes and dudettes!!

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