Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It Must Be Spring 3/07

One of my son's has already put out hummingbird nectar. I guess I had better do the same. I just boiled some. (I cook for them..he does for his as well). It's cooling and when it has done so sufficiently, I will put out the first nectar of the year. I don't expect any hummingbirds quite yet though. But I will be ready if they come home early!! I change it every 5 days, tops.

It will be in the mid 80's here today. It was the low 80's yesterday. Whew. Not used to that yet. Just last week I was warm in jeans and long sleeves!

I am going to try to take some of the suggestions regarding the framing of my pictures. I'll head out and look for the posters that are framed and see if I can remove that picture and put my own in. I'll report on that before long.

Sadly there was some vandalism last night across the street. I looked out and saw that someone had come under cover of the night of course as all cowards do, and destroyed 2 children's trampoline. It is one of those huge things that as many as 6 at a time can jump on.

The day last week that I went to that congratulatory dinner for my friend who got a new job, the woman across the street had stopped me as I was backing out to say she had called the police because some crazed idiot two doors up was choking a little dog and otherwise brutalizing it. I stayed with her till the police came and that was 15 minutes response time!!! Then I left. I didn't want her to wait there alone as that guy was still up there and had started round 2 on the poor little dog. I would say this is payback, the destroying of her kids' trampoline, for calling the police. "No good deed goes unpunished", so it was said. I feel terrible for the children.

I have finished cooking the hummingbird's nectar and it is outside now in their feeder awaiting them. The rest is stored in the refrigerator. Hope you all do the same for yours..soon as it's time where you live.

It is so very lovely out there that after I play with this demanding pet of mine, I may just head on out and down the road. She had to wait this morning as I was getting ready for church, and this afternoon I was feeding our faces...blog walking and so on. So now it's her turn. Laser light, here we come.

I will be round to see the rest of you in a little while. Hope this is a wonderful weekend for all of you.

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