Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It Must Be Spring IF: 4/2007

It must be Spring! I have several new shepherd's hook holders for hanging baskets now implanted into the soil. And that isn't easy either...despite the 'step on it' technology. I have a lot of clay and rocks. Everywhere I tried was nigh impossible. I had to find a man off the street literally to come over and get the bird feeder shepherds hook into the ground. One of those dimpling smiles, folded hands, lowered blue eyes and a sweet " Oh, sir...could you help me please?" I thanked him sweetly for his trouble. Hey, if you don't ask for help then how is anyone to know you need help? I look at it as turn and turn about. I do for others, so it doesn't surprise me when they do for me too. I am fixing to go out and get the hanging baskets now. Hopefully the bees won't be visiting the azaleas and I can put fungicide on them while I remember. But I have to wait if they are there. That would hardly be hospitable of me would it, if I didn't wait. :-) By the way, I saw lightening bugs last weekend! Seems awfully early for my little friends.

I just foundered on mustard potato salad for lunch. I haven't had any of that since last year on the 4th of July. Oh it was so good. I ate that and then two pieces of raisin bread. Not exactly the most nutritious of lunches.

It's a partly cloudy or partly sunny rather, day. The temp will reach about 80 degrees F.. Perfect out there. After I get my baskets chosen and hung out and the house plants watered again...the ones I took out yesterday, I'm outta here again. Too too fine a day to be inside. Unless you have to.

I have had 2 good hair days in a ROW! Hold me BACK!!!! On the refrigerator and visible in the kitchen pictures if you know what you're looking for, is a magnet that one can turn to " Good Hair day" or "Bad Hair day". It was given to me by a dear friend. I've had that thing on 'good' these two days and loving it. It's (hair) behaving and glistening. Now, tomorrow...who knows. It has a mind of its own. I'm surprised my exercise didn't get to it. (Seriously though, it was the deep conditioning every time).

On Dancing With the Stars, Billy Ray looked horrified to be allowed to stay another week. I think he is hoping to be voted off. He's a sweetie, but no dancer. And he knows it. Those of you who watched last night, did you hear how much weight the stars have lost? You can tell Billy Ray has lost a lot...he looked downright narrow. Joey Fatone said he lost about 25 odd pounds in these past few weeks. All of them have lost weight. To watch them practicing in the dance studios..I would be carried out head first if I would try to do some of those things. Now for certain..but even some years back. That is a great physical exertion. That's why Apollo does so well. He is used to great physical expenditure because of his figure skating.

Well, go git in the car...I say we need to come back with some Impatiens. How about you? Be thinking of colors.

P.S.  Oh, we did GREAT!  We chose pink Impatiens and a tiny white flowered something or had no tag.  It's hanging out there and... everyone got watered again.

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