Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's Just a Matter of Time 4/07

A "DUH!" sentence coming up.  We all get older..even pets.  I bought mine, who is going on ten years of age (somewhere in her sixties, I guess?) a set of steps. Really, she doesn't need them.  She would be the first to tell you.  She thunders down the hallways and races like a wild thing through the house the same as she did when she was a kitten...sorta like me! She leaps up to the window sill, (I don't!) she sure has no trouble getting into bed and beats ME to it most times.  She goes from 0-60 (feet in her case) in 3 seconds. (me too...I'm pretty fast!  )  BUT I bought it because the little so and so has shredded my right leg a few times trying to make it up onto my lap as I soldier away here at the computer.  She leaps up...maybe I am wearing shorts for instance, and there is no cloth for her front claws to grab hold I don't hurry up and scoop her into my lap, it's a big "owie" for me.  So, I saw the steps advertised and bought them.

She took a look and said "You've got to be kidding!  What do you think I am?  Decrepit or something? Is this an insult or what, I ask you? Who do you think I am buying me this old lady stuff?" So, I rubbed the steps down with her dr-ug of choice, that being some catnip, and put a few toy mice on the three steps..hung back and waited.  She decided the catnip was an afternoon snack, had a few bites, and still won't use the steps.  OK.  Back to square 1.  (She will...just a question of time).

Meanwhile, I was out and around showing off.  (GOOD hair day, D!!!!  I have my sign turned the right direction on the fridge to "Good hair day")

I have accidentally found MY colors through time, by the way.  Three of them.  Women will understand what I mean.  Coral and apricot and 'crayon' blue are SO not me.  BUT, soft yellow, mossy green and pale nutmeg brown SO is!!!!  Try to find much in those colors!!!  You can't.  I have something, one thing, in each.  When the planets come together and my hair looks this good, all gleamy and amber...I haul out one of those colors for a top and go out feeling like a million bucks.  Doesn't matter at all whether I LOOK like a million..I FEEL like a million!    That's what counts!  That way, I too can go 0-60 feet just like the cat does! 

I am going out for dinner tonight.  I'm going to show off my QSL card I got from eBay too.  The one I am having dinner with is a HAM radio operator.  This QSL card is from 1948, from right here in town, has a 1 cent stamp on it...and a scene of the town.  AND the sender (whose writing looks as though he may have been older) lived just a few streets from where I am now.  Cool.

What shall I have for dinner?  Does chicken sound good to you? 

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