Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's On It's WAY! July 2007

Oh lawsey..the trumpet IS coming. They just called me on the road to say where they are..they are in my State now...just got over the border and I asked at last..'is it or isn't it'? It is.

I am making a casserole for their dinner (and mine of course) Something that I used to make frequently while they were growing up. A hamburger/onion/sliced potato w/ mushroom soup as a base casserole. Simple, inexpensive and surprisingly good. IF I remember how to do it and don't accidentally leave anything out that is. I found some old recipes I had and hoped it was among ain't. So that means someone told me about it.
We will have green peas, salad and yeast rolls with the casserole.

I went out for a coffee date at Starbucks this morning. I had just gotten off the treadmill and was in here to toss around the weights when the phone rang..and I had like 45 minutes to quit sweating..get cleaned up, made up and dressed. RUSH RUSH RUSH. He got stalled in traffic, so I had time to fly to the C.U. and let their coin machine sort out $95.00 worth of coins. I went ahead and put it into my saving account there. I have always rolled them myself as I didn't know about this service for the CU members. I took it in before I had the penny jug full so I didn't have my usual $111.00 or so dollars. This is just change I get each day and I throw into a saucer. A few times a year I have to roll it and start again.

It's thundering out there. We are supposed to have a 60% chance of rain per day the next 5 days. Naturally that will be when they are here. That will put a severe crimp in grandson's activities.  But we sure need the rain. We are in a severe drought.

I told another member of the blogging family privately this morning, that the message I sent him about my personal likes/dislikes in relationships would make a blog in and of itself. always, ones personal-life opinions and thoughts would best be left to oneself. My opinion, anyway.

Time for a Tylenol. Back you know. AH! I will talk about rigidity and how people can become less able to be flexible in their daily dealings with family and friends if they are not careful. That man friend of mine that I met this morning said about me " Ah, 10:17. Time for another drink of water" as he was teasing about my strong sense of discipline regarding my exercise. He simply meant that I can be rigid about some things. Indeed. I have worked hard not to be AS rigid as I was. Loosen up. That's my new internal motto.

See you soon. I HAVE been to see you. You coming over here? Just walk on in. Hold your ears. Ther will be a trumpet about.

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